Computers, do we need them?

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Having a computer can open up a whole new world to some people. But like everything in life, there is a downside

Computers, do we need them?

When computers first came out, it seemed to be mainly in shops and offices, so I didn’t feel it affected me, but how wrong could I be?

Soon they were being introduced into schools, and little Johnie didn’t take long to learn the skills , whilst older folk like myself became increasingly aware of the fact that technology was moving on with a gallop and leaving us behind,

So I took the plunge and never looked back. Surfing the net is so interesting, and a very quick way of gaining more knowledge. No longer do I have to queue in the post office to tax my car. Bills can be paid on-line, tickets booked, and everything seems to be much cheaper that in the shops.

Emails cut down the need to send letters, and are so much quicker, and now I have my lap top, I can do all this and more from the comfort of my armchair.

Computers are wonderful for people who have communication problems. Typing something is so much easier than saying it when standing in front of someone. Anyone with a speech difficulty or a stammer finds a computer a much easier way of communicating, and this helps to build their confidence. Similarly anyone who finds it difficult to speak to strangers, or is shy, will really benefit from having a computer.

The only downside that I can see, is having a computer may make children less active, but that is where mum comes in, to enforce the rules and guidelines of how long they can use it for, and to check that they are going on suitable sites. With basic commonsense like this, everyone can benefit from using a computer.


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I am a proud mother and grandmother, and an author. I have had 7 books published. My hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing badminton. I try to raise more awareness of autism with my writing.

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author avatar James R. Coffey
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Carol, this is a subject I hate to even consider. If I didn't need my computer for my work, I'd toss it in a minute!

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2010 (#)

We don't need computers. They are a want, not a need. Before, they were even invented, people got along just fine without them. I sure we would get along just find without them too. Probably have a richer life too.

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author avatar Euphonos
17th Sep 2010 (#)

For me, Its both need and want. Need because my job involves computer. Without that, I would be kicked off. Carol, Nice share :)

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