Confidence Is All It Takes

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When I tried to check what caused all my failures, it always turned out to be something like "fear of..." and I therefore realized that to achieve anything, confidence is the key.

Confidence Is All It Takes

It is human nature to do things the way we want them done, but the results are always far from what we expect. Once in a while we all have feelings of disappointment, defeat, hopelessness and the feeling of “I cannot do it anymore.” Many writers have tried to address the issue by giving motivational tips et cetera, et cetera. As usual, man gets bored from a repeat of things over and over again. However, some things cannot be avoided but have to be embraced rather than viewed as ordinary stuff. We all have dreams, at least most of us do and if you do not have any, I hope that you are probably dreaming of getting one soon. It so happens that in our day to day lives, all over the social networks, in the media or at public places, we see great achievers and we all want to be like them. We as young people want to have everything that we see. Worse still, some admire everything and then feel so terrible about themselves for not having gone that far. “I don't have talent.” “I don't have money.” “I cannot afford to go to the best university” and all kinds of excuses. When we think of such, our minds are blurred from seeing the beautiful things around us starting with ourselves.

The first step to success is to accept who you are and the situation you are in, living in denial is suicidal. In learning to accept who you are, do not look at what other people have, look at what you have. You may think that you have nothing while you really don't have an idea of the treasures you hold. If you are reading this article that means you can see. Have you considered that you have eyes and yet someone else somewhere is blind and has achieved more than you have? I also take it that if you can scroll down this article you may be having your hands pretty intact whereas somebody somewhere does not have hands and he has done more things than you have done with your hands. Well that is subject to discussion.

One of my greatest friends told me that the key to getting anything you want is confidence. Every other thing is wrapped up in confidence. If you have a dream that means you are confident that someday, you will achieve something. Confidence is all it takes to do anything that you want. Confidence will give you all the resources you need, the money, the job, practically everything. The other day the same good friend of mine was teaching me how to ride a bike. I gave him a hell of time for two hours and felt so pathetic about myself. However, he kept encouraging me that “Believe me if you have confidence that you will ride that bike, you will”. I did have confidence for five minutes or so and I marvelously balanced and rode for five minutes but after that I could not move any more. I feared to fall.

Anyone can relate their lack of achieving something to fear. Fearing to fail, fearing to fall. You cannot get up without falling neither can you measure your success if you have never failed. Many may attributed great successes to talents and all but I still maintain my take and stand to be corrected, that if you really want to sing you can sing. If you really want to dance then stand up and dance! Back in high school I remember I loved singing that was for sure but whenever I opened my mouth to sing, the number of voices I would hear describing my nasty voice were enough to shut me down. I was not confident. After all, I wasn't one of the girls that would do a solo performance and everyone would be left with their mouths wide open. So it sank in my mind that, hey I don't have a singing talent so why not try something else. Dancing? That was worse my legs were immobile especially when the word dance was mentioned. But here I am in college and I came with the attitude that I will do anything that I want and I can sing and I have not had any complains about my voice rather a bunch of compliments. Probably my next big thing should be taking to the dance floor.

It so happens that sometimes we appreciate people so much that we forget who we are. We forget that we are great. We forget that we rule ourselves and we forget that we are our masters. We follow the crowd. We do as people do. Dress as people dress. Walk and talk like people do and the unique self inside us dies by day and within no time, we have forgotten who we used to be. Most of us are living other people's lives yet those people are very comfortable living their own lives. It is a matter of self confidence. I do not have to be a billionaire for me to have an impact in this world. I have brains and I can make use of them. Much as we also go to school we fail at the end of the day to use our brains to think outside the line of books. With the much theory and practical we learn at school we limit our brains to school work and fail to think of life. Life is not all about school. Life is much more than getting good grades, good jobs good cars and good everything. You may have all you want but have no life. Life is living up to who you are, doing what you do best and helping others who are not in position to help themselves.

Life is moving a block so someone can see the way ahead. There is far much more we can achieve but it all starts from believing that we can. Confidence is the word and no one can instill confidence in anyone. It has to come from within. We all have to be the drivers of our own lives and the captains of our own ships.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
26th Sep 2013 (#)

Great article from a great new Wikinut! Welcome to the site!

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26th Sep 2013 (#)

Good Afternoon, gliceria, Excellent article. I write about many of the same things and always appreciate reading from another perspective. Again, excellent. ~Marilyn

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