Confidence and Happiness : How to Get It Back?

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We are living in the globalized world. Here everybody is facing stress and competition. Which somewhere results in unhappiness and loneliness. Not only this is the reason of unhappiness and loneliness, there are so many other reasons differ from person to person. But the fact is, so many of us are striving for happiness.

Be a Better Person and Live with Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness we do so many things. But when it doesn’t work some of us accept it as our destiny, some of us trap ourselves in drugs/alcohol. Which can ruin life of anybody.

It’s not easy but we should accept ups & downs as a part of life. Nothing is permanent, not even problems/bad days. So I would like to share some personal experience with all of you. All of a sudden my life stuck in a very awkward situation and I was in deep pain.Then I use some tact to overcome from my problem and to regain happiness.

Here are few of them:

  1. Set a goal to achieve in my life and I started doing that like a hobby. I don’t take it as a burden so that doing this I enjoy it.

  2. I never try to prove anything to anybody else, whatever I do, I do it for the sake of my happiness and appreciation comes automatically.

  3. I never try to set unrealistic goals for me, whom I can’t achieve because I know it will result in unhappiness and frustration.

  4. Try to surround yourself with the people of positive energy/thinking.

  5. If negative thinkers are around you and you can’t help it, communicate less with them.

  6. Never try to argue with negative thinkers or try to teach them.

  7. Appreciate or celebrate your small achievements too, it will give you confidence and inner happiness.

  8. All of us have a stellar quality in us and bad days or problem give us the opportunity to recognize this.

  9. So do not think bad days are for doing only bad things to us, sometimes it give us something very precious.

  10. At last do not loose heart, try to make a lot good friends, make yourselves busy with work which you like, set a reachable goals of life and make efforts to achieve it. Remember Almighty God is with us.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
24th Mar 2014 (#)

Well said and appreciated your kind advices

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