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We can through our consciousness, win or lose at life. Because reality works like this: What we put in genuinely, we get out of it all genuinely. It is that simple, yet, it will take probably a few sections to explain my concept.

The adventure

The adventure starts in our spirits, not so much our minds. Our spirits are our consciousness. When I think of consciousness, reality is simply the ultimate vehicles for our winnings or losses, not something that acts upon us all.

What we want to be, we are ultimately. If we know what we genuinely want we can do it through the marshalled power of a strong consciousness. Reality only does us wrong when we have a weak consciousness.

When we know what we really want, the adventure starts. The adventure only ends with confusion and not knowing what we really want. The adventures only end for the victims of life, not the victors of life.

This is the first clue to that great adventure.

The next great thing:

The next great thing comes out of our consciousness when we know how to win, know and draw on our resources. With that said, reality comes down to getting what we genuinely want in life, not being given a pittiance that is through "entitlement". What do you think is the genuine reason that the weak people become the strong people, because of a genuine creative goal. Of course strong people become weak people at times, because they have all power and no directing goal like a ship hitting the rocks at full power and sinking. The genuine creative inspiration and goal is what makes us all, really. That is the next great thing.

Autosuggestion and Self-Hypnosis

Concentration of thought is the control of energy and thought, especially when backed up by action. That is the key to effective autosuggestion and self-hypnosis. Without the key of action, self-hypnosis and autosuggestion are just unhealthy obsession and silly fear force. Strength of imagination combined with strength of action oriented will is the key. If imagination and will do not work together, they will simply be dormant fear apart without any chance of doing anything.

To explain my position on this reality, that old pharmacist Emile Coue had it right in his works about imagination and will. Will without sufficient imagination behind it is like a ship with lots of power and no rudder to direct it, it sinks. Will with sufficient thoughtful imagination and emotion behind is power, it works. This reality is not just my opinion, it is a fact and factor I will go into with these next words:

The most powerful force in existence is activated or fully directed imaginative thought. What do you think is the key to successful invention and all action that does work anyhow?

The deal comes down to this, integration of all forces including consciousness. Without that, nothing happens, and that is all that successful autosuggestion and self-hypnosis is. Nothing more, nothing less than that. Take what you may from it, or give what you may to it, but, I just mentioned the real essence of all successful thought power really.

Today: The only time there really is.

I realized that age is just a number, it is how you make yourself feel through your actions that shows your genuine maturity. Today I was on a home delivered meals route delivering to a widower (a male widow) of ninety years old and another man and his wife of sixty-seven years who is ninety-seven years old and realized one thing about today: It is not your age or numerical value to your age that creates strength and maturity, it is how you live honestly and without negative mysticism. After all, I am a man of forty. I do not smoke, drink or eat too bad, and I live consciously, conscientiously and honestly as I can in every area that I can. I am not perfect by any means, but I do my best to understand and fulfill genuine maturity and what it is today and every day, not someday, not tomorrow, but today and every day if you do get my meaning. Existence is eternal, sure. But what we do today is irreplaceable and like a used candle tomorrow, so we had better make it good or great.

After all, today with all consciousness whether in a body or out of the body is all we get in the now. That is also what I realized about it all. As we can tell if we are realistic, there is not any real cheating of time by the boot leg. There is only now where we can do anything. There are no real worries about tomorrow or yesterday, just now and today. Past or future is nothing to worry about really, just the cold hard cash of today, whether here or there. Got it? Now get out there and live! There is not anything much else to do. If you are beyond life, no matter what, exist in the now, it is the only time you can do anything anyway.

We are teleological beings in the material world

When I say teleological, I mean every part of our beings, right up to our spiritual natures to the lowest sexual root centers is goal seeking. Think about it. We all want to achieve something even when our objective is to seemingly achieve nothing except make it to the next day alive and breathing.

Sure, life is "more than just set a goal and achieve it", I know. But, reality comes from those roots, especially a successful one. Program your actions and you will get somewhere in your "driver's seat". Do not program your actions, and you will not even get the goal of breathing where you want to breathe and living where you want to live.

Many jailed prisoners "in the system" have high intelligence levels technically, but, they misuse their intelligence trying to "cheat". My point to this statement is that intelligence rightly and honestly used in a powerful and unimpeachable way is the most dangerous thing in existence because right there is real power, right there is where the rewards really happen and the punishements really stop.

So, I will go into something seemingly unrelated here: Debt is really just the combination of disappation, the lack of care, the lack of frugality, and goals that are not definied well, so you shrug in a large way. I know, to some that may sound like a silly definition of debt. But, I am just calling this one like I see it for riches and genuine greatness come from defined goals and definite aims that keep one from debt, my definition or the normal one.

So, we get what we concentrate on deeply. That is not just the truth, that is honest reality that cannot be impeached by "wanting things to be otherwise". Take it or leave it, that is what it all comes down to.


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