Content Filtering Software for Your Computer - Review of Covenant Eyes

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Covenant Eyes filtering software program plays an important role in internet protection safeguards for your family. The helpful and friendly staff will answer all your questions.

What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes is a filtering software downloaded from the web that monitors internet use and can also filter sites according to parameters set by the designated administrator or the program - usually a parent or someone with whom you have an accountability relationship.

Reasons to install a monitoring and filtering software

Prevents children from visiting sites with adult content according to your filter settings.

Keep teenagers off social networking sites that might be harmful to them.

Problems with pornography? It can provides the ability to have an accountability partnership with another trusted adult.

Set time limits for your kids so that you can manage their schedules and habits better.

Where to Get It

You can download Covenant Eyes from their website and you can call them to walk you through the download and set-up procedure if you need help.

Monitoring Reports

The first thing that needs to be done is to choose the person to whom Covenant Eyes will send the detail report. This will be the accountability partner - the person whom you have chosen and asked to fill this role. In the case of your children it will be yourself. If you wish to choose someone for yourself you may want to have your own report sent to a trusted friend or pastor for accountability. This detail report will show the websites that the individual visited and the search terms used. It is important to understand that no one is monitored unless you specifically configure that person to be monitored. You can have just one person monitored or just yourself and not your spouse.

The person being monitored will know they are being monitored because in order to log on to their computer screen name they will first be required to log on to Covenant Eyes. A logo will appear notifying the person that they are being monitored. This is NOT covert monitoring not is it intended to be.

Setting Filters

Once the software is downloaded you will go to the member center and select the individual on who’s account you want to take action.

You will have options to set the filter through a series of radio buttons on a scale from less restrictive to more restrictive. If after viewing a couple reports you find that you are unhappy with what your children can view you can move the restriction up a notch. Conversely if you are finding that too many things are blocked that you want to allow you can move it down a notch. You can also specifically block particular websites. There is a filter that gives you the option to always block or always allow .

There is more information on the website describing how websites and searches are evaluated by the software according to the filtering level.

Set Time Restrictions

After the filtering level is set you will choose the time allowance. The software gives the option to set the total number of minutes that you will allow per week, per each day, per weekend day and the specific times of day that a particular individual will be allowed to use the internet.

All settings are changeable at any time by the administrator and anyone with the administrator’s password.

Additional Information
If someone is trying to override the software you will get a message from Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes will also send you an alert if there is no internet time registered for a period of days because of the suspicion that the program may have been breeched and is no longer monitoring that individual.

This is a great tool to help set your mind at ease when you can’t be with your children while they are on the computer.

Covenant Eyes is very easy to use, the staff is very helpful anytime you call them and, when you are ready to remove it, they will walk you through those steps as well. Of course only the administrator (yourself) will have the answers to the verification questions the staff will ask you in order to have the software removed.


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