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As a student, or a researcher, some information are on the loose that might be lost in some point in time. This software helps you saving a webpage as a PDF file which may be a great help for you.

Converting Web Page to PDF File

Tons of websites around the world wide web are powered by an online app that unable the users to copy anything from the website. The writers use this to preserved their copyrights, but, as a student or a researcher, you badly need the information in that website, and anyhow, you have to get that details, and you don't have enough time to just copy and write it in a paper, or save the webpage directly because of no-internet-connection dilemma, so here's one technique on how to convert a web page into a .pdf file in a snap!

CutePDF Writer - this is a free converter software that allows you to save a webpage into a .pdf file. It gives out professional quality of PDF Files that is also a printable file. This is for free for professional, educational, governmental or commercial use. No ads and no watermarks. It supports Windows and it has new version that supports 64-bit Windows and Windows 8 ready! This is also a good software since it only eats up a little bit of your internal storage, 1.9Mb only, and it's a freeware! So no costs at all.

Step One (1) - Downloading the CutePDF Installer

First step, download the installer of the CutePDF Writer.
Click here to download the .exe file.

Step Two (2) - Installing the CutePDF Writer Installer

  • After downloading the installer, open it and install.
  • A pop-up would appear stating*: Do you allow the following program to make changes to this computer? And just click yes.
  • A setup window would pop and just click next.
  • Then, select I accept the agreement, then click next
  • Next thing will be offering you to install Ask Toolbar, and something about the, you have all the rights to choose or not to choose to install it.
  • Then after that, click next and then install.

  • Installing ....

  • After installing, a window of your default browser will open with instructions about how to use the CutePDF Writer, and how to uninstall it.

  • You can read it or read my tutorial, anything is good. :)

    After this, CutePDF Writer is ready to use!

Step Three (3) - How to Use CutePDF Writer

  • Go to your desired page that you want to save as PDF and on your keyboard, press CTRL+P. Yes, we're like printing here, because this software installs itself as a printer subsystem

  • And a print setup pop-up will appear. As you can see, in the name, it indicates there CutePDF Writer, but if the name does not indicate that name, click the down arrow and select CutePDF Writer. Then click OK.

Step Three (4) - Saving

  • After clicking OK, a pop up will appear that will let you choose which folder you want to save your PDF file, choose then click Save.

  • And after that, Viola! You already have a PDF File copy of the webpage you want.

    This is very useful especially if you just want a copy of the webpage of your choice. Saving directly from the webpage won't allow you to open it if there's no internet connection, so better have it in a PDF file.

    I hope this is very useful! :)


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30th Apr 2013 (#)

I understand that as a student you need to gain access to research materials and hence the need for such a piece of software. In the professional realm I also find such software useful as there is nothing worse that making reference to a well informed article (or series) that subsequently disappears.

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