Cooking with Cannabis pt2: Breakfast

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2nd instalment of the methods used to include cannabis in various recipes for alleviation of medical symptoms and conditions.

Cooking With Cannabis pt2: Breakfast

Again I will begin by stating clearly that the information provided here is for reference purposes only and I do not condone or encourage participation in breaking the law or recreational drug use. The recipes included have been provided by either records of traditional recipes from many parts of the world or from the experiences of people suffering from genuine illnesses and conditions. Cannabis has been used in both religious and medicinal applications as an active ingredient through much of recorded history.
As the first meal of the day breakfast would appear to be an unusual choice for cannabis recipes however it is far from uncommon although there are few varieties to choose from. Primarily, cannabis breakfast recipes use either raw cannabis or THC infused milk.
Obviously cannabis milk can be added to tea and coffee or used on cereal, and butter can be used on toast or the like. Cannabis yoghurt can also be included in the breakfast menu but is more potent than milk or butter.
First a simple recipe for cereal which allows for individual taste and preferences. Start with a bowl of your chosen cereal and sprinkle two teaspoons of dried and powdered herbal cannabis over it. Next pour milk over it trying to soak as much of the cannabis as possible without overfilling the bowl then add some yoghurt evenly on top of the cereal. To alleviate the bitter taste of the THC it is advisable to add some chopped fruit and then sprinkle with suger or drizzle with honey. This simple dish can be prepared easily and quickly without needing to resort to cooking or dissolving cannabis. It is possible to use cannabis infused milk or yoghurt but is unadvisable due to the amount added raw.
Another easily prepared dish is to use chopped fruit instead of cereal preferably using banana, apples or pears and at least two citrus fruits. Sprinkle with two teaspoons of powdered and dried herbal cannabis and then top with yoghurt. This can be quite bitter and will normally require a sprinkling of sugar to make more palatable which undermines the healthy aspect of using fruit instead of cereal.
There are a number of hot breakfast dishes that are made with heated milk and obviously this gives the opportunity to incorporate THC milk into the preparation however there is an unusual alternative suggested by one of my fellow countrymen. Begin by soaking porridge oats with two teaspoons of dried powdered cannabis and a pinch of salt overnight in water. In the morning heat the mixture steadily, stirring gently to prevent any of the contents sticking to the pot. As the mixture thickens, slowly stir in milk to produce a creamier texture and dissolve the THC taking care not to thin the mixture as you do so. The whole process should take 20-30 minutes depending on volume used and personal preference. Once satisfied with the consistency of the mixture pour into a bowl and top lightly with sugar, honey or jam according to taste and to mask any residual THC taste.
Another breakfast favourite is the cannabis smoothie which can be created by different methods. The simplest being to add chopped fruit, yoghurt and two teaspoons of herbal cannabis to a blender and liquidising the contents thoroughly, the disadvantage being that there is a strong likelihood of the cannabis causing a rough, almost gritty texture which can be less enjoyable. It is best to use THC infused yoghurt or milk to achieve the desired results as this method ensures the removal of impurities or undissolved cannabis. Yoghurt is preferred to milk as it produces a thicker, creamier drink as well as offering the opportunity to further mask the bitter taste of THC with a wide variety of flavours to compliment the fruit chosen.
There is a distinct limit to number of recipes for breakfast although the ones listed give a wide variety due to the choice of accompanying ingredients that can be used. One suggestion has been to cook breakfast in THC infused oil. It is simple enough to create the oil, simply heat in a frying pan and two teaspoons of dried and powdered herbal cannabis ensuring it has dissolved thoroughly before adding the food to be cooked. This is not ideal and generally wasteful as the effect is less potent, unless the ingredients absorb large amounts of oil, and most of the THC rich oil is disposed of at the end of the cooking phase instead of being consumed. Also, it isn't a very healthy option and as a medicinal application is far from popular.
Again there is plenty of opportunity for individual experimentation, and the limited basic choices spawn a huge variety too numerous to detail here through their flavouring accompaniments.


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