Correct Seating Posture in the Car Enhances Safety and Goes Easy on the Spine

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Seating posture on our drivers seat can become a real pain at times. One should find the correct seating posture in order to prevent spine injuries.

The Right Seat Control Unit

Do you know that feeling? As a driver, you have finally adjusted everything perfectly so it is comfortable – height of the seat, distance to the steering column, and angle of the seat back and head rest. Then somebody else drives the car – and you have to find the right position all over again. It is, after all, vital that you have the right seating posture in the car, not only for safety reasons, but also health. If you don't sit right, you can get a backache. And more than 40% of all car users suffer from backaches, including many drivers who spend more than one and a half hours a day behind the wheel.

On the average, men drive 70 kilometers and women 54 kilometers in the car each day. Proper seating posture in the car is extremely important, especially for motorists who drive a great deal. A control unit that can automatically restore the seat to the right position settings is practical and promotes health. It is very important to minimize the considerable stress the spine is subjected to and reduce muscle fatigue. These settings include not only the seat height, but also the angle of the seat itself. And the seat back should be as upright as possible. The motorist may not be in a laying position.

The seat control unit saves the individual settings in its memory, making the adjustment of the correct seating posture very convenient. To ensure that a modern comfort seat maintains its settings for a healthy seating posture, car body electronics manufactures has developed seat control units with a memory function. With these comfort electronics, the individual settings of for instance the seat, the seat back position and the head rest are saved. On some seats in luxury cars, the individual seat contour can also be saved. And there are other comfort functions. For instance in the Mercedes S class, not only the contours of the seat and seat backs change but a message function can even be activated which helps alleviate fatigue and relax the driver, thus helping to maintain the ability to concentrate.

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author avatar Denise O
7th Dec 2010 (#)

I know a lot of folks don't think of this but, you are so right.
If not in the right position, it can put more pressure on your back.
Good job Joel.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Carol
7th Dec 2010 (#)

great information

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