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In Kabbalah, challenges and sadness keep coming to us again and again, is a situation called "Tikkun", which we need to fix some problem within us, so that the issues won't come again anymore.

But how can we truly correct our Tikkun?


In Kabbalah, the situation that challenges and sadness keep coming to us again and again, is called "Tikkun", which means we need to fix some problem within us, so that the issues won't come again anymore.

But how can we truly correct our Tikkun?

First experience on finding Tikkun

The first time that I learn about Tikkun, is from a Live Kabbalah class. The Kabbalist said, the Tikkun comes repetitively as a challenge, because my soul didn't fix the issues in previous lifetimes. Therefore, the issues come again to us to remind us that we have something still need to fix, before moving forward.

That is fun to me, because in my life, I obviously have a lot of issues which are so annoying and keep coming to me, trouble me a lot. So, I tried to look into my life and search for my Tikkun, and I immediately listed out multiple ideas, which shown my Tikkun is related to my job. For example, people pushing responsibilities, unpreventable mistakes keep troubling me, tedious things keep coming, jobs are so boring and no purpose, etc

I thought recognizing my Tikkun is easy, as I can pointed out all these immediately, in only 5 mins.

But I was wrong.

It's totally incorrect

It take me some time to understand that what I have thought of, are all wrong.

Those points that I have listed out, are just some points that I can think of, when I am in a good mood and condition. When challenge comes, when I stop lie to myself and stop saying 'this is the fault of the others', 'his input leads me to make wrong decisions', and stop covering the truth that I actually, also make mistakes (maybe the most critical mistakes compare with the other's) in the problematic situation, I started realize that the points I have pointed out previously, are just the surfaces, and are external, are the 1% realm only.

And, all those complaining or problematic issues and people, are actually the messengers.

The true Tikkun

The true face of my Tikkun, deeply, is that I have no patience at all.

When tedious things and troubles comes to me, I have an urge inside my heart which I want to push away those things and close them immediately, as soon as possible. Finishing the thing off beautifully is always not my targets.

That's why I always attracted bosses and colleagues who are pushing responsibilities away, and not true working for the company's good. I always complain that all colleagues are not truly working, they are just playing with the office politics. But now I know, I am actually the same.

If I have patience on handling the tedious things, the resulting problems may be able to avoid. Unfortunately I didn't, I just want to close things up quick. Even when some colleagues warned me not to just skip like that and gave me hints, I just can't listen and ignored them.

If I had patience, I should have paused, and listened, and not to be urged, and things may works differently, instead of making stupid mistakes.

Besides, I should have noticed this before, as a student of kabbalah, that I thought I have the ability to handle tasks quick. But I didn't. It is just my ego boosting up my self esteem, and let me think that I am OK.

The results on ignoring the Tikkun

Now, since the challenges happened and I didn't do it well, more serious challenge came to me, which now I don't know how to do it, how to solve, and I can only stop, standstill, and feeling scared.

Maybe this is what my opponent truly want me to do,
Maybe this is what the light want me to learn, which is, when tedious things arrive, I need to pause, standstill and calm down, instead of finishing things off quick!

Now I know that I need to improve my patience level. But how can I solve the problem caused now?

I still don't have any ideas.

But I know, it is time to ask the Light and the Angels to help. I did it already, and now I what I can do is to believe and have certainty, that help is on the way.

Once there are any signals and end results, I will post in here.
So stay tuned, and have a nice weekend.


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