Cost Saving Tips for Home Electrical Appliances

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One way to save money is to keep our purchases worth. It can be done through proper care of home electrical appliances to prolong its useful years, and find ways to reduce the energy cost. Here are some practical ways on certain appliances.

Cost Saving Tips for Home Electrical Appliances

Refrigerator and Freezer Care. Do not put hot foods inside the refrigerator, it reduces the cooling capacity in the long run. For manual defrosting, it is advisable to have it once a week while automatic defrosting can be cleaned once a month. Make sure it is unplugged to avoid risk electrocution due to leakage of electricity. Keep the refrigerator close at all times to reduce power consumption, the warm air rushing in increases the load. Children should also be taught on the importance of keeping it closed.

Let the air circulate around the refrigerator condenser coils located at the back of it by giving enough space between the refrigerator and the kitchen walls. Trapped heat from the coils and motor will increase electric consumption.

Cooking Ranges and Microwave Ovens. Use a proper size pot, not a larger one to make the cooking time faster and overuse . Microwave ovens use 75% less energy than range ovens.

Mixers,Blenders and Grinders. Mixers should run on short intervals, this prevents the motor from getting too hot and prolongs its useful years. Wait for 5-10 seconds after switching off before lifting the blender or grinder out of the machine. Thoroughly clean the blades and dry carefully before using it again.

Electric Toasters. Clean it daily after use so that breadcrumbs do not get lodged in the element and cause it to spark.

Electric Kettle. For safety measures, always switch off the kettle when pouring out the water.

Washing Machine. Do not put too many clothes into washing machine and follow the specified maximum load from the manual. It is always advisable to check the machine settings appropriate with the clothes. Delicate ones includes baby clothes, blouses,nylon,lacy hankies, embroidered clothes. Normal setting contains trousers, men’s shirts while sheets, curtains, towels, tablecloths fall into heavy category.

Electric Iron. Never use metal polish in cleaning the iron body and sole plate, use a slightly damp cloth instead. Make sure that it is unplugged and already cold before cleaning.

Television Set. Make them dust free and be careful in transferring to avoid damage. Never open a television set, it has some very high voltage components that can give a severe shock even if the plug is switch off. Bring it immediately to the repair service center or hire a professional one to check it. During a strong storm, it is better to turn it off to avoid catching a lightning outside.

With electrical appliances at home, safety measures should be practiced. The most common is never touch a plug or switch with wet hands and never pull out a plug from the socket while the appliance is still on. When unplugging the appliance do not pull the cord from the outlet, hold the plug itself. If a person gets an electric shock, it is best to put the main switch off to cut off all the electric current.

Proper care use of appliances will not only reduce electric bills, but also avoid costly repairs and keep us from buying new ones.

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Very interesting read. thanks.

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