Cracking The Short Story--Part Two

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The question successful writers are always asked is: where do you get the ideas for your stories? It is the one thing a fiction writer wants to know. The truth is - we all have our own ways of sparking ideas, of kick-starting our creative motors and what works for one writer may not generate even a blink of interest for another.

Ideas are Everywhere

Story ideas are all around you. You just need to stop and watch. Wherever you go always carry a notebook and pen around with you at all times. Take notes of anything you see that amuses you or captures your imagination. Listen in to conversations going on around you and take down any unusual or humorous bits. You will be surprised how useful these notes become when you sit down to write and need a little inspiration. To read the previous part click Part One.

See The Unusual

While you are observing life, try to look also at ordinary events in new and exciting ways. You never know what story ideas might occur to you.

For example, you were on holiday sitting in a small restaurant, busily flicking through the menu when a story idea hits you. You were unsuccessfully trying to find the section where the meals were listed in English. Each page you turned over was in Spanish, French, German or Swedish.

Eventually, you got your meal but you were also came away with the feeling that it was silly to have so many different languages in the world.

Finding Story Ideas

A successful fiction writer keeps his ears and eyes open. He does not stop recording things and events around him. Even if the notes do not immediately spark an idea, the mere fact that he has been recording things around him, really improves his observational skills. I may now suggest you visit the link of my previous article Where to Find Ideas for Articles and for Short Story Fiction Writing.

Final Idea for Finding Story Ideas

Turn to the problems page in your newspaper or favorite magazine. Every problem page is a mine of potential plots - tear-filled tales of lust, jealousy, betrayal, self-doubt and despair. Every imaginable aspect of life is there.

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20th Apr 2011 (#)

Another excellent article and Star Page...Thank you for sharing...

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21st Apr 2011 (#)

As usual thank you Songbird for your support.

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author avatar PHYLLIS LOGIE
20th Apr 2011 (#)

Steven all I can say here is wow!!! Excellent article, I really enjoyed the video.

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author avatar ppruel
21st Apr 2011 (#)

Welcome friend PHYLLIS and thank you for stopping by and commenting. See you around.

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10th May 2011 (#)

Very insightful paper, thank you

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