Cracking in a Nutshell

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A short and simple guide on how crackers get passwords and why you should not have 123456 as your password.

Cracking in a nutshell

The Main Principle of Cracking
One difficult to grasp fact new crackers come to find out is that cracking a particular account is usually difficult. Understanding this fact is a key step in becoming a successful cracker. There’s great success in numbers. The more user accounts you have to try and crack, the more likely you’ll have success. The reason behind this is simple and logical. If you have a pair of dice, and need to roll snake eyes (two ones), the more tries you have, the better the chance of success.The main principle of cracking is trying as many valid users(will be covered later) as possible. Despite what others may think, have 10,000 user accounts to try and crack is a much better scenario than having 3 user accounts and 10,000 passwords.

Internet Dumb Users (Hopefully YOU are not one of them)
Most people on the Internet do not take security seriously. There is a misconceived notion about the Internet that it’s secure and anonymous. This lack of concern leads to guessable and common passwords. Patterns, common words, and common names are usually likely passwords. These are usually chosen by these users because they’re easy to remember. Another common lapse in judgment is the fact that these users usually use the same password for all things they have a password for; bank or credit card accounts, E-Mail accounts, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

All About Passwords
Choosing passwords to crack with is a critical of your success. Using “tert34g” as a password to crack with is not a good idea. Yeah, there’s some small chance that you may achieve one successful attempt with it, but it’s a waste of time.Think about it. What do most people have in common? Names, favorite foods, favorite animals, favorite sports teams, favorite colors, etc. Instead of relying on preexisting password lists, try creating your own. Why? Things change. What was popular last year is no longer popular. MySpace as a password was logical two years ago. Now, most people haven’t logged into their MySpace in months. Your unique ideas may provide you great success. Think about what’s popular now… Justin Bieber, Obama, or the Miami heat. I bet you never thought of “heat” as a password.
Selective passwords are what I call passwords that are applicable only to a single website. If you’re attempting to crack Facebook accounts, passwords like facebook, Facebook, or FACEBOOK are likely to be successful. If you’d like to go further, go into why people use Facebook. You can logically come to the conclusion that people use it for friends, buddies, etc. Those are logical passwords. The web site’s name is one of the most common passwords used by users because it’s easy to remember, and that same logic applies to every site they have an account with.Passwords are usually lazy. Most people are too lazy to put any effort into a password, so people will rarely capitalize a password. Any part of the password. Usually, passwords cased like Michelle are rarely successful. The extra motion needed to reach the shift key is usually not a desirable motion for most users. Lowercase passwords are by far the most popular. Uppercase passwords like PASSWORD follow in second, and “properly” cased passwords like “Password” are third.

Name as password = Success.
One of the most successful method for cracking is using the user name as a password. Bobby’s password is possibly bobby, and Janet’s is likely to be janet. You can go further, and remove numbers with some programs. Bobby1945’s password is possibly bobby, or even boby1945. Again, laziness. Most programs support the use of user name as password, and can remove the letters or numbers from the password for added control.


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