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How this form of art has helped many to cope with stress

A Long Time Love of Coloring

As a child, my favorite gifts were a coloring book, crayons, colored pencils and the water colors that came in those little oblong tins, complete with paint brush. Come to think of it, I used water to "paint" the front and back steps, picnic table, benches and anything else my little eyes spied that would darken with a swipe of the brush. My Daddy was a contract painter, so maybe that had something to do with it. My life back then wasn't easy for any child, and coloring pretty pictures was a way to escape to a world of my own. Creating beauty from chaos.

My Shameful Secret

When the coloring craze took off last summer, I wanted to shout, "AT LAST!" No more would I have to hide my childish hobby from friends and family! All throughout my adult life I colored with my kids, and later, my grands. I even bought books and crayons for myself and stashed them away. At the time, I'd received too many "funny" looks from the few people I'd told. It's a different story now, and I'm nearly in a state of color-bliss. These new coloring books for adults have such beautiful and detailed designs, and we now have such a wide choice of mediums. Once again, especially when dealing with my chronic illnesses, I turn to creating my own works of art. And so are many others.

Art Therapy

Whatever mediums and genre of books you choose, it all comes down to creating a work of art. As you color, you become completely absorbed in your work, and this in turn will reduce stress and anxiety...both of which I suffer from. This actually comes about because your brain has two sides, the creative and the tactical, and both sides become engaged in this type of activity. True fact, backed up by psychologists. You just can't worry when your creative juices are flowing and your mind is deciding what colors to use and how to apply them. Bazinga! You're in the zone and out of your funk.

Color Your Mood

According to Lacy Mucklow, a licensed art therapist (yes, they really do exist!), colors have therapeutic qualities that can affect our mood.
Reds, oranges and yellows are considered "warm" and can make one feel more alert and energetic.
Blues, greens and purples are "cool" and have a calming effect.
Bright colors, like the neon gel pens I use for a pop here and there, are energizing.
Dark colors are relaxing, and can tone down an overactive mind.
Pastels and lighter colors soothe the soul with their softness.
Looking back on my past "works of art", I can easily see where my mind AND soul was at that time...and remember the satisfaction and even pride when they were completed.

My Supplier

Just about every craft shop you find is offering the books and various mediums, but I would suggest my only supplier, Amazon. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, and the selections are much better and less expensive. Some of the books have been hastily put together, and crudely so. These are the cheaper ones. The pictures are more suitable for crayons and kids. If you want some real nice meditative pages, try one that features mandalas, paisley patterns or zendala. (also spelled "zandala"). If whimsical is more your style, Creative Cats is perfect and one of my favorites. And, believe it or not, there are now "swear words" books, of which I am not a fan. I mean, if I'm trying to calm down, the last thing I would need is a book of cussing!
But, to each his own. My grown daughter has expressed a liking to have one to use in her law office in between clients.

Find a Group

Adult coloring enthusiasts are everywhere these days. You can find groups on social media, online forums and even right in your community. We have one that meets every Tuesday, and it's a blast. We all bring a book or two and whatever mediums we use, a snack to share, and we all chip in for coffee and cokes.There are always hints and tips, book or page exchanges, lots of welcomed kudos for our masterpieces, and best of all, lots of laughter. There's no way I come home agitated or upset, and I always feel recharged. I definitely recommend this therapy to anyone, man or woman, regardless of age. I knew I loved it way back I know why.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
2nd Apr 2016 (#)

Lyndy, thanks for sharing this article. I loved it and I do have an adult coloring book. It was $16.95 which I thought was a lot of money but I did have some coupons from the store I bought it from so it ended up costing $10 which I thought was reasonable. I bought a book that says it's to relieve stress. I love it! Smiles to you today!

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author avatar Lyndy
2nd Apr 2016 (#)

Aha, another coloring fan! Thanks for reading, Nancy. Have a wonderful day.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
6th May 2016 (#)

Hi Lyndy. This is a great article, so well done. My wife is a big fan of adult coloring books. She's even got me doing it.

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author avatar Lyndy
6th May 2016 (#)

Aha, "Couples Coloring"! I love it, Steve! I just graduated to a level of major concentration, very intricate designs. Love it.

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