Creating Part I: Why create a web-site?

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Follow me in the process of creating a website dedicated to myself and the content I share online. Learn how I go through every step of the process and get inspired to do so yourself.


I started out with writing here on at the end of July. I found it fun and extremely giving (on a personal level) and kept on with it. I had quite a pace and started to promote my work on Facebook where my fan-page now has 112 fans. After the "success" with 100+ daily views when promoting my work I decided to start sharing it in more places in order to increase the revenue and also to get link-backs. I decided to give Squidoo a go (But I hate the childish design...) and just a few days ago I set up an account on Bukisa. Eager to find more content to share online I also started to take photos and got a new hobby. So far, so good.

I thought about setting up a web-page for all of my work a while ago. Now I have decided to do so. A web-site gives a lot of advantages and does not cost much to run in the beginning. However, it is quite time-consuming but you have to look at it long term. If 100 people bookmark your site, you most likely have 100 people that will return daily to look for new content. And once you published that new content, you will have page-views on that as well.

Another perk that comes along is the (by far) better cpm that you get on advertising. Sites like WikiNut shares their revenue with you and in exchange for half the profit they will give your articles a lot of exposure and you don't have to worry about hosting. It is a good deal, but if you manage to drag the traffic to your own site you will get 100% of the money made. You can keep publishing your content online (which I will do since I do not want to start advertising the page) and include a link to your website in every article.

More page-views

You will also get a lot more page-views by having your own site.

Someone finds your brand new WikiNut-article called Creating Part I: Why create a web-site? and they like the article. They go to your profile and click the link to your web-site and open it in a new tab. Most likely they will browse through your content here on WikiNut first after which they will look up your website. Once they are at your website they will browse through it and find not only your articles but also your photos, videos and other content.

Without a website, it might have gone like this:

  • WikiNut page that they found first = 1 page-view @ 50% revenue
  • Other articles found on your profile that was interesting = 5 page-views @ 50% revenue

While the above is not bad, it would be even better if the chain continued:

  • WikiNut page that they found first = 1 page-view @ 50% revenue
  • Other articles found on your profile that was interesting = 5 page-views @ 50% revenue
  • Entering your web-site = 1 page-view @ 100% revenue
  • Browsing the content on your website = 10 page-views @ 100% revenue
  • Looking through everything else they found that interested them (Photos, videos, etc) = 10 page-views. @ 100% revenue

Suddenly you have page-views equal to 48 WikiNut-exposures, opposed to the six you had from start. You might think that this is way to optimistic, but look at it this way: The viewer who cares to go to your profile is most likely interested in you as an author. This person is most likely interested to see what more you have in storage, so he won't mind browsing through your web-site to see if he finds something interesting. Expanding a thumbnail is a page-view, clicking any section of the navigation-bar is a new page-view. It builds up quickly. And these people will also be exposed to the title of your articles here on WikiNut a second time since you share them on your web-site, so there is a chance that they find something they like that they missed when they went through your profile the first time.

Remember to try to keep as high quality as possible on all your work to make your visitors stay worthwhile. Perhaps he will come back or recommend your site to his friends.


Something that raises your chances to be found on a search-engine is the amount of link-backs to your page. So why not take the opportunity to create a few of them?

When I started to share my work on Bukisa I always added a link to the original article here on WikiNut. Since I only share my star-pages there people will be able to find any other pages I might have submitted to WikiNut by clicking the link and finding my profile. Thats one link-back for every star-page.
Of course you are going to link all your work on your web-site. At least I am going to. I will be sharing links to every source where my articles and photos can be found. The visitor will be able to chose if they want to read it on my web-site, WikiNut, bukisa or any other place where it is posted. This will make my pages jump up a few steps on the search-engines and help me long-term.

The costs of running a web-site

The costs of running a web-site today is not very high. I can find hosting-packages that will work terrific with this project of mine for as little as 10$ a month. That is not much at all. The amount of traffic needed cover such a cost is not much. If I had traffic from US/UK only I would make it with 3 000 page-views a month, thats 100 a day. The days I promote my articles well I get above 100 page-views here on WikiNut, so I'd say that it would be quite a decent goal to reach for to start with.


If you just have the time to learn, some ambition and a little patience a web-site is great for you. It will serve as peoples portal to your content and if you get it rolling it might work out as a small extra income every month. If you provide really good content for a really long time it might even turn out to be your future job.

A web-site like this can't be sold. So you should not expect to sell it in a year for a big pile of dollars. However, it will work as advertisement for you and your content. Perhaps you might get offered to sell parts of your content in the future.

Now, sit tight and wait a few days to read Part II of this series of articles! In Part II we will start looking at the actual creation of the web-site.


I usually share links to articles about the same topic that is written by me. This time I only found one, but I think it really is worth checking out.


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