Creating Part V: Creating a photogallery thanks to open-source

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I finally got going with the site. While it still needs a lot of work, I at least got my hands on a great photo-gallery. Thanks to the big, generous and friendly community of web-masters it is possible to get around a lot of work. In Part V we will start taking advantage of the Open-Source projects around the web.


So my site has been planned, it has its own hosting and a simple presentation has been uploaded. The next step in my plan is to start creating dynamic content. I started out with a photo-gallery since it is a great way to generate page-views. You probably know that a picture says more than a thousand words, but did you know that a picture can pay more than a thousand words as well?

Before we get on with todays discussion I would like to remind you to read the previous parts of the series:

Why I decided to create a photo-gallery

I sat in front of my PC playing around with the site and browsing various site's when I decided that I would start out by creating a photo-gallery. The main reason I wanted to do this first is that I recently started to take photos of everything, so this is my biggest hobby for the moment. Other perks with a photo-gallery is that it creates a massive amount of page-views if it is somewhat interesting.

I currently share some of my pictures on However, I got disappointed as they give a very low CPM while they do no work at all for me. They don't promote my work like WikiNut does with star-pages, featured-pages and so on. No, if you want someone to find your pictures on ShareAPic you need to handle the link out yourself.

So why not have my own gallery instead? I will get a higher CPM, while I don't need to disturb my viewers with those ugly pop-ups and so on. At the same time the viewer gets a chance to see my other work. A lot better!

Getting your hands on a gallery

While I strongly recommend someone who is new to web-design to attempt to create their own work in order to learn, I must say that not taking advantage of the tremendous amount of different open-source projects is dumb. You get a complete script, you may alter it in any way you want, there are hundreds of others working on it and sharing their plug-ins and all you need to do in return is to link back to the projects website.

You save a lot of time, get a great result, help promote the project and you get to learn things as well. It doesn't get better, does it?

However, there is tons of free scripts out there so you need to look around carefully for one you really like. If you find something that is almost like you want it, you can alter it and then share the new version with others. I decided to go with Piwigo. It has all the functions I need and a really good-looking design. It is the perfect gallery for me. You can find my gallery here and Piwigo's website can be found here.

A picture pays more than a thousand words...

You probably heard of the saying A picture says more than a thousand words. While that can be true, a picture might also pay more than a thousand words. You might wonder how this makes sense so I am going to explain it for you.

I write an article. I haven't done a word-count on any of mine so far, but I would assume that at least a few is around a thousand words. Some of my articles receive quite an amount of page-views (Compared to other articles by me) but there has been a lot of work with them. Whenever people find them I assume they start following and go through my other 25 pages.

I take a great photo. I don't think I have done so up today (While I have 2-3 I really like) but once I get a really good one it will receive a lot of page-views. It might get link-backs and bring visitors to my site. If I am lucky it might get shared all over the web and adding a small watermark to the photo will allow people to find my site. Once they do that, they will most likely browse through my other photos as well. The amount of decent photos I can take in a day compared to writing pages is large.

If I would have been out taking photos instead of writing this article I would probably end up with at least 5-6 decent photos, compared to one article. That would most likely be 5-6 page-views compared to one, assuming that someone finds my gallery and likes it.


Photos are a great way to generate page-views. However, there is a huge amount of photos online so it is most likely going to be difficult to get something that is out of the ordinary. But if you manage to achieve that you will most likely get rewarded.

Photo-gallery´s is also great content to share when you advertise your site with PTC-ads or traffic-exchanges. The 15 seconds the person viewing your site is enough for them to browse through a few photos. Usually people just wait for the timer to count down since they want to get to the next site, this way they can be kept busy while doing so.

In part VI I will be adding a index of all my articles by using a mySQL database. Even though I won't go in-depth with it there might be something to learn about the actual process and the thoughts around it. Whats the do's and dont's?

I am thinking of starting to put a in-depth web design-guide for you people following this. I am talking about the actual code, how to use HTML and PHP to create sites. If you would have interest in this, please leave a comment. It is a huge project to do so I would need at least a few people to find it interesting to do it.



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author avatar Denise O
29th Aug 2010 (#)

I too have decided to go the picture route to a point.
I still like to write. So I plan on doing both.
Thank you for the information, I will keep it close by when I start to post my pictures.
Good article, thank you.

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author avatar Denise O
29th Aug 2010 (#)

Also, congrats on the star page.

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author avatar Nenivraj
29th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you :) I am always happy to help :)

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