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In this article I will be covering the subject of successfully creating readable content for your blog or website.

Grab Your Reader's Attention And Keep Them Reading

If you are creating readable content for your blog or website then you are going to have a chance at being a successful marketer or webmaster. Everyone has their own little processes to go through before writing and you should to.

By creating readable content for your blog you are increasing the chances of people engaging with your writing and becoming comfortable when reading it. So what makes content visitor friendly? There are many different answers to this but I tend to stick to these simple yet powerful points.

First of all is the size of your paragraphs. I can not tell you how many times I have seen this mistake in action online. Try your best to stick to smaller paragraphs - it is much easier to read and to enjoy reading.

If creating readable content for your blog then you may want to think about using sub headings for each of your content ideas. I tend not to use this method in articles ( like this one ) but more for stationary posts on my blog or website.

The way in which you talk within your writing should be conversational to. What do I mean by this? Well, nobody likes to read a science document of sorts - that's the type of thing we were forced to read in schools or University. Things just don't 'go in' with this type of writing. Making your writing more conversational is making the reading process more conversational - like the reader is talking to a friend.

Captivating people right away is something else you really should be thinking about when creating readable content for your blog or website. If you manage to lose people within the first few paragraphs of your writing then the page then becomes useless. Making the heading or title to the article or past can grab a reader and hold them until they have finished the piece.

One big mistake I see a lot of webmasters do involves the color of their text or the color of their webpage. Please read this next bit as it is very important. People do not want to be reading bright red text on a black background ( yes - I have come across more than one site that has tried this! ) as it's awful on the eyes. Always try to keep the background page white or light grey and the text black or dark grey.

By creating readable content for your blog you will be prolonging the time people spend on your site. Hopefully the tips and techniques I've covered above will help you achieve this. Good luck!

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author avatar Val Mills
18th Mar 2013 (#)

Good advice, I agree with you wholeheartedly re the conversational style.

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author avatar C J Evans
18th Mar 2013 (#)

thanks again, glad you agree!

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