Creating a New World of Peace

LoriAnne Hancock By LoriAnne Hancock, 6th Jul 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Is it possible that we really DO create with our thoughts? What if we could, with our thoughts, create a world where Peace reigned? Let's explore that idea.

Who will create the New World?

Who will create the new world, the world where Peace is the mainstay and War seems so far far away? Wanting is not having and until visionaries, artists, writers and those who have not yet spoken a word understand how thoughts create our future, we will have a void. What does world peace FEEL like? War drives the economy - how will peace drive and what? Someone would do well to fill pages with the questions, for the answers will then take care of themselves.

Fast and Furious Changes

The way the 'world works' is so different now than it was, even ten years ago. We all are on the edges of our seats watching it unfold and wondering what we can do to help create a better world, a world of Peace. But Peace is a blank canvas that has not been a known way of being in the human condition for as long as we've been recording our patriarchal history. What will it look like in your heart, home and neighborhood when World Peace is at hand? If you could take the moments in a day when your thoughts are filled with worry about the future and fill them with your most ideal vision, then you will be a HUGE and important part of the creation.

Thougths are Powerful

We draw to us that which we think. If we think we are a winner and that people like us, that becomes the case. If we think we are a looser and people don't like us, that becomes the reality. Altering our thoughts, or substituting thoughts we'd rather not have running through with those we DO, will immediately create. This is why when someone you've been thinking about calls or stops by, it seems like serendipity, but it isn't. What thoughts are you willing to let go in order to replace them with thoughts about creating a world of Peace, Love, Abundance and Prosperity for All?

Stopping thoughts

Thoughts need to be had or they wouldn't be lurking around waiting for you to have a moment so they can come forth. Practice observing these as thoughts - perhaps even as thought 'waste'. After all, we release physical waste, why not mental and emotional waste. As they pass through, let us not allow them to reignite and vibrate through, but allow them to pass quickly and move on to the creative thoughts you wish to see in your life, in your home, on your planet. Let me know how this works for you.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Jul 2013 (#)

I have been writing on this topic often, LoriAnne. Some take it as a naive and idealistic concept (keep dreaming!). When we analyze our actions it is clear we reap what we sow. Countries see others as enemies. Then we amass weapons of mass destruction. We can have them but others cannot!

But times are getting better mainly through technology. War is hoisted upon the majority by a few vested interests. The majority everywhere wants peace and willing to coexist. Now the cold war is history. China is willing to play its part but there is suspicion among US, China, Japan and others. Everyone looks to pull the rug from under the feet of others! If China and US sincerely work towards peace renegade countries like North Korea and Pakistan will fall in line as they saber rattle only because of the support from China.

We should start sowing the right seeds of peace to reap what we want - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
8th Jul 2013 (#)

thank you so much LoriAnne for this...and as my teacher says: adopt a quality of peace..I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still...

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