Cryptozoology, Big foot, Loc Ness and Chupacabras. Oh my!

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Cryptozoology. The study of monsters, such as Big Foot, Loc Ness Monster, The Jersey Devil and Chupacabra.

Cryptozoology, Big foot, Loc Ness and Chupacabras. Oh my!

Cryptozoology, Some people might not even know what that word means, I really didn't either until I got involved with studying the paranormal, I guess they are close in nature, the belief in something that most people find skeptical.

If you look up Cryptozoology it is the study of "imaginary creatures".
I know everyone has heard of Big Foot, the Loc Ness monster, the Jersey Devil and the Chupacabra.

Just as recently has this week here in Texas, a man claimed to have ran into what he recalls as "the most ugliest creature he has ever seen" and claimed it to be a Chupacabra. The Chupacabra is described as a big ugly dog, with no hair and teeth that protrude from it's mouth.

Texas is big on these things, We're constantly looking for Big Foot and the Chupacabra.

Big Foot is highly popular in Texas the creature has been reported being seen from New York to California, Big Foot is described as a huge overgrown ape-like creature, very hairy light to dark hair has been reported, thick chested with a huge neck, they usually move about in a crouched or stooped position. just like in the paranormal, there are teams that go and look for creatures in the night. Big Foot was supposedly sighted here in Tx back in February, A group of teens heard grunting and rustling noises in the woods, they said that the screams of this creature was nothing like they had ever heard before.

Loc Ness or Nessy as some call it, described as having a very long neck with a horse-like head, humped back and the color of an elephant, she was most recently spotted in a part of England. A couple on a honeymoon caught a picture of nessy in the water, they said it was huge and you could see the huge waves as it moved through the water.

The Jersey Devil has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen, it is drawn and described as about three feet tall, with a head like a collie dog and
a face like a horse. It has a long neck, with wings about two feet long, and
its back legs were like those of a crane and it had horse's hooves that walked on it's back legs, the story of this guy is a NJ lady who didn't want anymore children made a vow outloud that if she ever had another child she wanted it to be the devil, the child she had was born deformed and she kept it hidden away in a barn. One night the child supposedly grew wings and flew threw the chimney never to be seen by the mother again. The most recent report of the devil was on March 18th when strange screeches were heard and a singular hoofprintwas found by a resident in NJ..

This is just an example of what Cryptozoology is and some of the sightings that have been reported... I myself, not sure, I have seen what some called the footprints of bigfoot, but I cannot draw a conclusion from that. So, anyone out there that has proof or comes across one of these creatures.. let me know. :)


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