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Having curly hair is an enviable trait but may be one of the things you wish you could change.

Having curly hair

Having curly hair is an enviable trait but may be one of the things you wish you could change. Summer heat and humidity can take lovely locks and create a frizz ball of unmanageable hair. Even if you love your curly hair it's often nice to have a change of style without having to pay a fortune at the salon. One of the best ways to give your hair a make-over is to straighten it. If your not sure how to do that here is a step-by-step guide to do-it-yourself straight hair.


After you've washed and conditioned your hair with a heavy conditioner towel dry it to get most of the water off. Prep hair with a leave in conditioner and add a dollop of mousse to your palm and work it through from the roots to the ends. Use a brush or comb to disperse the mousse through the rest of your hair.

Blow Dry

To begin; separate hair into four sections, depending on the thickness you may only need three and clip the sections back. After this use a round vent brush or a large vented paddle brush to blow dry the hair towards the floor pulling it tight. This is not meant to pull your hair out but to keep it taut against the brush and to smooth it down. At the same time keep the distance of the blow dryer within two inches of each segment and follow it down the length of your hair. Repeat the same blow drying technique and brushing motion on each section. Unless you want your hair to be uniform all the way around roll some of the ends out and others in.

Flat Iron

Once your hair has fully dried start at the roots with your flat iron and work your way to the ends. This will further smooth out your hair and alleviate a bit of the frizz if there was some caused from blow drying.

Silicone Serum

There are many serums on the market that work so the pick is yours. Citre Shine is a personal favorite and is carried in many stores, affordable and has a UV protectant, also. This serum is a clear silicone that helps to tame a wild mane and frizz and takes very little to do the job. Add a small amount to the palm of your hand and work it into the ends of hair. You can use a brush to disperse the rest but remember as it moves closer to the roots of your hair it can make it look oily.


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