Cute Childrens Toys from a Most Cruel Origin

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Have you ever been to a gift store, or market, and seen cute toys that look like small animals? Some even MEOW, but have you ever thought about the cruel origins of such toys?

The Cute Animal Toys

These cute toys are often sold in Gift Stores, and Markets, in Canada, the United States, and Europe. The photos were taken at a market in Canada, but wholesalers ship to any buyer in any country.

The toys are often small animals, cats, ducks, dogs, and so forth. It seems the cat shapes are (ironically) the most popular. In many cases they have a device that makes them meow, or purr. I have seen some that appear to breath, and others that shake or move.

It is easy to tell the fur is not faux fur. Most of it comes from rabbit, some from cat, and a vendor himself even told me that some of the longer fur on bigger toys can even come from dogs.

The Cruel Origins of these Cute Toys

In Asia animals we think of as pets are often considered "food". This in itself is not cruel, after all we eat cattle - a sacred animal in India.

The problem comes in the fact that these animals are not killed in humane methods. Even our own system of keeping, and killing, livestock is not without problems, but in Asia it is not uncommon for animals to be skinned alive. In fact there are videos on the Internet that one can watch if they are so inclined (I for one am not).

The skins of these animals are used to make toys. Toys that are make into cute animal shapes and sold to children who love animals. Ironic huh?

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The Horror

Children who fall for these toys and beg their parents to buy them are fueling the market for retailers to continue to buy them.

I am not against using every part of a dead animal. This is really for the best. But until the methods of slaughter of these animals is better regulated I suggest buyers stay away from these toys with cruel beginnings.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
8th Sep 2010 (#)

I could eat anything if my survival depended on it, thanks to several very intensive survival courses, but the idea of eating a cat or dog sickens me otherwise. I have seven cats and two dogs and they are as precious to me as my children and grand children are.

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author avatar Carol
8th Sep 2010 (#)

Thanks for pointing this out.

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author avatar Pinkchic18
9th Sep 2010 (#)

This is horrible, makes me sick to think about! I'm all for pushing the market towards green and organic items for all ages. This just strengthens my thinking.

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author avatar Denise O
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Just awful, I never knew this. Thank you for pointing this out.
With man made fabrics that they have now a days, why would they even need to go to the real thing to make a toy is beyond me.
Thanks for sharing

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Sep 2010 (#)

Its cheaper to use the hides of real animals I suspect. As well for some reason people dont 'think'.. because its obviously real fur, but nobody connects the dots and considers that real fur came from real animals- and as we know "Made in China" when it refers to products made from animals - often comes from cruelty.

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author avatar stevietrix
7th Oct 2010 (#)

You're good, I used to write essays but now I write poems because they are easier to make, (so I know the work behind it). Well written. It shows that what may be considered as "innocent" is really twisted.

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author avatar MightyDreamer
30th Nov 2010 (#)

This article made me sick to the stomach. Sad and disgusting. smh.. Will sure be passing this information along.. smh

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author avatar aimera
6th Aug 2011 (#)

That cat in the picture isn't an adult cat :( I've seen those "almost real" cat toys. Glad, I didn't buy it.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
27th Aug 2013 (#)

I pointed this out to a manager of a huge chain store in the UK , as there had been a program on the tv pointing out this barbaric trade from China. He said he would look into it , and thankfully I haven't seen anymore furry cat toys on display . It is wicked what some people will do with live animals just to make a living .
Bless you Mark

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Aug 2013 (#)

AWESOME JOB Stella. I am so glad you stood up and pointed out this horrific trade to the manager of a store!

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