Cutting Corners, and then Doing Better Than Cutting Corners

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We all get the temptation to lie and play games in life that benefit us and not others. Indeed, we get the temptation to cut corners when the going gets rough. That is never, ever in our best interest as conscious beings. In reality, the only way out is to work through it: cruise through or fight hard, we have to be honest to benefit all including ourselves. This is my take on the genuine golden rule.

First a quote from my late Dad with a little commentary:

"You cannot half-do nothing, you have to do it." -Joseph Clayton, Jr.
My Dad was one patient, honest man. Sure, he had his times too when he wanted to skip out on honesty, especially where death was involved. In early 1979 right after his birthday in March and right before mine in April, he was deathly scared of dying from the ravages of diabetes let alone losing his right foot, which he did lose his foot in October of 1979. I can only and simply say that honesty kept him here to help raise me for the next twelve years. He died in 1991 after he was sure I absorbed the genuine lessons of that one quote there he said every few weeks to me until the time he died. Only twenty-five years after he said it to me continually do I fully understand what he said, and I am still imbibing and learning the full lesson he taught through the final twelve years he spent on this earth before physically dying at fifty-two years of age.

Sure, I could tell you this:

We must keep moving, dwelling too long in the valley or too long on the mountain top is not healthy, but experience all the reality and genuine understanding we can is healthy.

Napoleon Hill once told this story about the Gates of Heaven and its attendant. On the brows of the ones who thought they were saints, he wrote, "poor sinner", and on the people who thought they were wise, he wrote, "poor fool", Humility is power, and understanding combined with consciousness is power along with not taking anything for granted in any way. "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" or "Who wants to do all the work and be totally real when it is so easy to fake it until you make it?"

I know that some of you readers are saying, "come on!" But, this message of honesty will not be heard, believed or read by the ones who most need it. But, those who need it the least will appreciate it, because they are "house holders" on their way to the larger life of really winning through effort, understanding and not faking it.

I figured:

I figured this message about "corner cutting" and being honest with yourself and others was so important that I decided to release it before doing some serious editing on it. Because, in all reality, you cannot half-ass anything, especially an important reality. Indeed, in this case, I pretty much had to "shoot first and edit later" because of the magnitude and basic reality of life of this message.

So, that brings me to a point: This morning, I was talking to my Mother and my girlfriend Diane and before I talked to Diane on the phone. My Mom implied that "I thought I knew everything", and I replied to her in pretty much this way: "The person who knows everything has reached their limit, and has dishonestly limited themselves. The person who can still figure things out and is growing will never reach their limit."

Personally, I think the words in the quotes are the key to death and immortality and let me tell you why: When I say the person who knows everything has reached their limit, that is the end, they in a sense have died, physical or not. The person who can still figure things out is still alive and working, and can do more with their lives. Limits are dishonest, infinite reality is not. It is sort of like the patent office in 1899 in the United States saying everything that can be invented was invented or Apple saying that they created the final phone that does everything that can be done. As long as there is existence and life, there is room to grow.

Sometimes, I think, even God grows with existence, otherwise there would not be any point to it. This is where I disagree with the Roman Catholic-like reality that God is perfect without repose or imperfections of any sort. I am more with the reality that God is always in becoming and not some punitive "reality in the sky" that mongers fear along the lines of "I am above everything". So, I believe more in cause and effect than actual sin as most people would think of it, that pure "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" type thing more than "the finger of God will strike you down with lightning if you do wrong". After all, right and wrong are really personal checks and balances, not anything we think it is outside of us as conscious beings, people and all of that. So, I will just end this section with: I figured that it is all personal, growth, death and all. Without that personal touch, it means nothing. Without that personal concept, everything is stagnantly and sickeningly perfect without choice in any matter. Get it?


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