DELHI LAHORE CONSPIRACY - The Revolutionist Blow

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The transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi had created more agitation among the radicals; this was completed by the assassination attempt of Viceroy

The Conspiracy

The event marked as one of the major incidents in the National Independence history. The current conspiracy refers to the assassination of the then Viceroy, Lord Hardinage on the occasion of transfer of capital of British India from Calcutta to New Delhi. The plot was designed by the Indian Revolutionary Underground that had its roots in Bengal and Punjab. The operation was headed by the great revolutionary Rashbehari Bose. The event happened on 23rd of September 1912. The team used a homemade bomb for the plot and this was thrown on to the procession of Viceroy. The attack had killed the mahout, the chariot driver. The wife and lady Hardinage escaped the attack with injuries and so did the viceroy.

The British Government made extensive efforts to locate and destroy the underground operations. There were extensive searches happening in Punjab and Bengal. Rash Behari Bose was smart enough to evade the arrests and searches for three years. He was later involved in the Ghadar conspiracy, which involved the German influence on the pro freedom movements, but this was uncovered and this led to the fleeing of RashBehari Bose to Japan in 1916.

Basanth Kumar Biswas was the only person captured and was convicted for having thrown the bomb and executed along with Amir Chand and Avadh Behari. The fact still lies that to the date, it is still unknown as to who threw the bomb on the procession.
RashBehari Bose, later went ahead to marry a Japanese lady and was an active member in Japan and was also a part of the Indian National Army formed by Subash Chandra Bose.

Avadh Bihari was the youngest revolutionary to actively participate in the movement and he was close to 16 when he was sentenced. As for Dr. Amir Chand, he was a surgeon by profession and had earned his education from King Richard College and later after his sentence was completed, he donated his wealth to the Indian Medical Council for its development.

Basanth Kumar Biswas continued to be an active member in the revolutionary organization and continued his fights for Freedom.


Delhi-Lahore Conspiracy, Lord Hardinage, New Delhi, Rashbehari Bose

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