Dangerous Dogs in the UK -What can be done?

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Back street breeding and irresponsible ownership is causing thousands of streets and homes in the UK to be at risk of attack from dangerous dogs, will this ever end?

I have Family Dogs

I have worked with dogs, of all breeds, temperaments - shapes and sizes for 15 years. There is not a dog that I have met yet that I thought could not be helped, and 99% of dogs that do have any behavioural issues or aggressive tendancies can be corrected with appropriate training - the small percentages that can't will have either have neurological problems or have been inbred.

A growing danger in the UK is the issue of aggressive dogs. The image in this section is of my own two dogs (Black Lab Kara and Blonde CollieX Mia) - dogs like mine are become rarer sites on the streets of the UK, with breeds such as American Bulldogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and Old Tyme Bulldogs taking over. These dogs are status dogs. Small men dragged through the streets by their staffis are hoping for an image of masculinity or power (when actually they tend to look quite ridiculous, if truth be told).

I have absolutely no issue with any breed of dog, and in my career of animals the only breed to ever bite me was a Yorkshire Terrier! My issue is this: Back street breeding and irresponsible ownership is causing thousands of streets and homes in the UK to be at risk of attack from dangerous dogs

Frightening Statistics

In the UK ambulances are called out for over 100 dog attacks per week.

These attacks are on children, babies, pensioners and usually people who have no chance of defending themselves. Many of these attacks are fatal, and many more leave the victims with life long injuries and scars - you can google some horrific images of these attacks which are really quite shocking.

Every year there are 28,000 facial bites reported in the UK and the majority of these attacks happen within the home by the 'family dog'. As of yet, in the UK if you are attacked by a dog on private property there is no law in place for any action to be taken, this means the dog is free to attack again and again.

Over the passed twelve months there have been over 100 deaths of children due to dog attacks in England. Most recently a young girl was attacked by 4 dogs in her friends home and subsequently died, another baby girl of 13 months old was attacked and killed as she slept in her cot, a pensioner of 93 was mauled by a pack of dogs as she walked to the shop, a girl of 5 was killed by her Grandmothers dog. Not all of these dogs were Bull breeds, and no attacks were by a banned breed.

Although it is bull breeds who have the ability to attack without warning, every dog (even my Kara and Mia) have the capacity to attack.

We are welcoming the ancestors of wolves into our homes, we let our children play with them, many of us share a bed with them and it can be easy to forget that dogs are not our children, they are dogs - who have sharp teeth and an inbred ability to kill.

How can we stop this?

The problem of dangerous dogs in the UK is so huge, and the laws so lapse that in my vision I can see this an issue which will only rise. There are no laws on back street breeding and puppies are sold as young as 3-4 weeks of age online, down the pub, in the street for as little at £20 or simply given away. For these pups the future is bleak, and out of a litter of 10 at least 5 sold/given incorrectly and who have come from backstreet breeding will end up euthinized for biting or attacking.

Dogs are not born aggressive. Their behaviour is a result of their rearing, handling and conditions.

A dog sold at 4 weeks old, with no vet checks, immunisations and to a person with little knowledge is very unlikely to live passed the age of three years old. He will be more likely to attack, and will almost definitely have behavioural problems as a result of his rearing.

A dog rehomed by responsible breeders, between 8-10 weeks of old, who has had regular trips to the vets, been wormed from a young age, fed and weaned correctly - had his new home home checked and vet checked and live with experienced and caring owners has every chance of being the perfect family dog. He will be loyal, friendly, lovable and easy to train. He will live a long life with little health problems (as a rule) and you will get out what you have put in.

We can do out bit by not buying from back street breeders. For your own self, you are not going to get a healthy well rounded dog. And to help reduce this problem, the breeders need to see their is no profit in this for them, the more we buy the more they breed. It is a small step, but one we can all do.


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