Dangerous Sharks

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Sharks and where they stand today. Including the myths and the most downplayed facts.

Dangerous Sharks

You have probably seen Jaws 1 through 3. You think sharks like to eat humans. Since then you feared all sharks even before you've seen one. And no one tells you otherwise...

Sharks have been living here on earth even before the dinosaurs came to life. They ruled the ocean then, and now they are still the top predators of the deep blue sea. They were creatures built to last, streamlined to perfection and armed with stealth and intelligence to shape the water world as it is today. Many land dwellers came and went. But the sharks stayed, undergoing little change compared to those who "walks" the earth.

Then the humans came. They roamed the land and, once it was charted, set out to sea. The sharks continue to live. The humans continued their quest for knowledge, studying and changing everything in their path... even the deep and blue water could never be spared. The land was changed and so was the water. What was once a luscious greenery is now a field of concrete, and the once clear and blue water is now a murky and dark pool. Every animal overland and undersea sensed this overwhelming change but they never question even in their distress.Then one fateful day a shark went about hunting, as it usually does, for food that seemed to grow fewer by the days. He sensed a human, and thought it for a seal that was to be his meal... The shark went for the kill.

It was the start of the Myth: Sharks eat humans, Sharks are Monsters, Sharks are a Threat, Fear all Sharks!

But the myth has it all so wrong! Sharks don't eat humans, they prefer fish and seals. Remember, sharks live in water and would probably never turn to humans if we did not compete with their food. As early as the 18th century the massive slaughter of seals everywhere in the world began because of the demand for their fur. Not only that, we have also polluted the sea to the point of contamination. Let's get the facts straight, sharks had a healthy supply of food until the humans cut it short. When a shark attacks, it's usually because we swim like their favorite food, the seal. Swimming humans make noise in the water that attracts hunting sharks who can hear it even from a mile away. Blood attracts shark, and please note that even fishes and seals have blood, therefore bloodied humans in the water are in mortal peril. It is a very much not widely dispersed fact that most shark mistake victims die because of blood loss and major lacerations. Sharks are not the only big fish in the ocean capable of hurting a human, ever heard of a Barracuda? The chances of a person dying from a shark mistake is rather slim compared to airborne and land transportation accidents. Drug addiction can also kill more person in a year.

Yes, we should fear sharks, not because we are their favorite meal but because we made it happen. Sharks are dangerous but only because they are hunters in their own right. Would you run with a lion in the wilds or play with a cobra? Look at the wilds of Africa, animals never question their nature and mother nature itself. Instead they just go on with their lives. Unlike us humans who can't seem to get enough of the truly abundant resources the creator has given us. The shark attacks in Matawan Creek (New Jersey, 1916) that inspired the film Jaws; the famous case of Rodney Fox and Barry Wilson; and the gruesome fate of the the US Navy cruiser USS Indianapolisis (July 30, 1945) where only 317 of the roughly 900 initial survivors were saved, should tell us something other than shark cruelty. We broke peaceful co-existence with them and now the water is too crowded for humans and sharks to be together.

All this fear of sharks and the widespread myth lead to the disregard for the life of this certain fish. Now the sharks are being hunted and in a decades time may become extinct. The shark finning and longlinning industry has made a good use of the famous myth all because the famed and exaggeratingly expensive SHARK FIN SOUP means a lot of money! The fin itself will taste nothing if not for the other ingredients. They hunted sharks mercilessly, sliced of their fins and then throw back the body into the water. Often, the sharks are still alive when thrown back. But how can it survive when it can't swim? They die a slow and agonizing death -eaten by other fishes alive. The shark population was a thousand times greatly reduced. Humans are more the menacing sharks of the myth than the actual sharks ever were.

The good and less menacing facts about the sharks are being downplayed too much and very little is done to help the poor creatures. What right have we humans to cause this cruelty? We are being unfair to the sharks because out of the water they are helpless. Sharks, being the top predator that they are, and master shaper of the sea life, has a huge role of maintaining the equilibrium underwater. The ocean produces a major portion of the oxygen in the world. If we destroy this equilibrium by eliminating all sharks in the food chain, consequences of unimaginable effects will surely happen and mother nature's retribution will take charge. However, there is still hope to change this wrong myth. It does not take a crowd to start a change, spread the word, sharks have the right to exist too. (credits to SHARKWATER, a film by Rob Stewart)

More facts here: http://sharkfacts.org/ , http://www.sharkwater.com/education.htm , http://www.sharkinformation.org/facts/


Shark Attack

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intelligent take on sharks sujini, a delightfull read as well.

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