Dead Stones Walking in Death Valley

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This is about the mysterious moving stones of the Death Valley

Moving Stones of Death Valley

The Stones Which Glide
If you see stones as big as cows or goats, in the middle of a vast empty land changing places covering many miles of distances, who will you blame or what you will point out as the major force behind their movement? The same question is enough to make some of the world’s best research person scratch their head in bewilderment. The stones here in Death Valley (a deserted area in US) are constantly reported to move along the surface without any human or animal intervention. These sailing stones also leave a few inches deep trails behind them as they move. The stones vary from small pebbles to big stones of around 500 kg. How can these big stones lift themselves slightly up to roam through the place by themselves? When they move? With what speed they move? Nobody has clear answers to these questions so far. Till date nobody has reported to see these stones moving and so many believe that it might be a case of some supernatural phenomenon or intervention by extraterrestrial forces.

The Death Valley
The Death Valley is a deserted place where the above weird geological phenomenon occurs. This valley is a part of the Mojave Desert which lies in eastern California and south-western Nevada; forming the lowest point in North America. Many such stones as big as any grown up man, are found to be moving and changing places on a regular basis around the Racetrack Playa region of this Death Valley near the western border of Arizona. This place is muddy and dry with lots of cracks in the summer, while in the winter it is covered with ice. The place is also very close to another mysterious place Area 51 which hints at some outer space activity, but the truth of what exactly happens at this place that causes the movement is a secret. Currently this place is under high surveillance by the use of GPS systems and satellites. Most of the stones are made of dark dolomite which may have their origin in the hillside south of the Racetrack Playa. Other stones are of tan coloured intrinsic igneous rocks from the nearby mountain slopes.

Snooping the Trails
The stones are found to move every two to three years, leaving behind tracks that may be linear, nonlinear or in zigzag form depending upon the size and shape of the stones. It was found that the small stones continued to travel faster than the large boulders which often travelled slower and eventually stopped moving. Along with length, the direction of tracks also varied, since it was found that nearby stones after moving parallel to each other, changed their direction abruptly moving in left or right direction with some even following a return path. Even though the stones travel many miles, the traces of their movement vary from only few feet to 150 feet long, 10 cm to 35 cm wide and 2.5 cm deep in the muddy ground. It was observed that the stones may also turn upside down or shift sides during their voyage leaving different trails each time due to different edges touching the ground.

Is the mystery solved?

The first attempt to solve the mystery happened in 1948 when two geologists Allen Agnes and Jim McAllister studied the case to finally conclude that the movement might be because of the strong winds blowing when the mud is wet at night, but movement of such massive structures in summer remained unsolved. Another theory suggested that the surface water freeze at night forming a layer of ice over the stones which helped them glide over the desert surface along with blowing winds. In support of this theory it was also suggested that few inches above the ground surface winds can blow with speeds as high as 145 km/hr which is enough to set this stones moving and after that only half the force is required to keep the objects moving according to the laws of friction. Thus wind plus ice is the closest guess of their movement process. Also one more theory recently came forward which is called the ‘Tristan Effect’ which states that during extremely cold nights in the desert, the air in the pores of the igneous rocks contracts and when in daytime, temperature suddenly rises to a very high degree, it expands greatly carrying the stones forward. This theory seems interesting but it was not accepted as such repeated extreme changes in the rocks may result in withering and eventually falling apart of the rocks in pieces. The mystery which has enough baffled everyone is still unsolved.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

An intriguing title and an equally intriguing mystery.

Well done mystery collection.

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author avatar mysterycollection
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks Jerry! Still struggling to write better. :>

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author avatar Jerry Walch
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

@mysterycollection. Writing well is like selling, you learn by doing. The more a person sells, the better a salesperson he or she becomes. The more a writer writes, the better a writer he or she becomes.

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author avatar Denise O
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Very interesting, indeed!
Good read. I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar sungrace
28th Apr 2011 (#)

Very interesting.

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author avatar Humza
28th Apr 2011 (#)

ditto as to what jerry said
interesting stuff!
i am loving it!
thnx for the share :)

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7th May 2011 (#)

Very interesting. I like mystery.

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