Dear Motorists, Taking a Left turn is not always free.

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This article is dedicated to all the poor pedestrians of Mumbai city, whose rights have been virtually affected. Motorists should respect such pedestrains and allow them to cross with due respect!

Mumbai traffic

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It has many places which are popular among tourists. It is also very much famous for its street food.
But, the people who live here also know that it is popular for its traffic.

It is true that Mumbai is one of the best city in India as far as lane driving is concerned. Rest of other cities in India doesn’t have a good lane driving system. But, traffic in Mumbai is very crazy

When Left is free

Every one knows that Green mean Go, Amber means slow and Red means stop. This is the universal traffic system that is followed even in Mumbai. However, coming to the concept of taking left. Taking left is generally free we can see a left arrow indicator in the signal with amber color which keeps on blinking. This means the driver can definitely take left without stopping. However, this is not always so.

When left is not free

In majority of main junctions of Mumbai, there are signals which do not have a free left concept as indicated above. Just to name a few, Worli Naka, Haji Ali Junction, Matunga Road West Signal Junction, Mahim Church Junction and others. For taking left, the signal does not depict a left arrow indicator in amber color but the color becomes green only when the signal to go straight turns green. This means that the driver cannot take left instantly, he has to wait for the green signal and then only he can take a left. The logic of not keeping left here free is that there is a huge amount of pedestrian traffic at this junction who need to cross the road. Hence the left is not free.

The busy Motorists of Mumbai

In Mumbai, everyone is busy. Time means money here. No one has time here and everyone is busy in minting notes and coins. Even the Motorist are so busy that they do not care that at major junctions, left is not free. Such busy Motorists don’t appreciate that left is not free there and there is pedestrian green signal there who need to cross the road. This has been observed by many people almost daily. So my simple request to the motorists is to please respect the pedestrian and follow the traffic signals obediently.

Are the Authorities there, listening ?

Hope that traffic cops don’t allow such motorists to break signals so easily and should fine them and regulate the pedestrian traffic accordingly. We definitely feel for such millions of pedestrians in Mumbai, who cannot cross the road even if their signal is green. Key is here that some one should complain. Hopefully my writing would affect if no one complaints and the people in charge would look for such errant motorists.

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author avatar Denise O
14th Mar 2012 (#)

I hope they get this under control and your article helps. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar aerial
14th Mar 2012 (#)

Hopefully !!

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