Decoration advice for 2014 that can fit your budget

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You’ll be happy to know that 2014 is going to be an affordable year for all of us who are separated from interior design trends by an insurmountable barrier called money...


All trends will be based on modesty and simplicity and that’s easy to pull off without spending a fortune. Whether you’re trying to achieve an antique look, or you’re striving for a more modern appearance – both will be doable without spending a lot of money. Also, it will be completely on you to choose what degree of warmth you want in your place – cold smooth surfaces or a cozy family home. We can all look forward to being able to decide what style we want to go with.

Trendy colors in 2014

The next year color pallet is a reflection of a strong but still emotional style. Every selected color is a little dimmer than usual, but the pallet itself is colorful enough. The accent will be on yellow, combined with shades of gray and pink, with a touch of sand. Teal blue and dark red are two strong colors that are going to be crucial for a trendy design and should be checked out when picking out a pattern. If you find it excessive – to have a whole wall encased in a colorful pattern – you can still go with stripes that are a tad less powerful.

How to decorate your home without extra expenses?

It’s the time of the year when everyone has more obligations related to winter holidays. The spirit of Christmas shouldn't be directly related to shopping and presents, but it turns out that most people can’t do it differently. You don’t need to buy fancy decorations to provide a Christmas environment for your family – all you really need is a little time and will. As a replacement for an expensive ornament, you should use candles in different colors. If you put them in painted glass, they’ll create an intimate atmosphere for your family circle, which should be the thing that Christmas is all about. One other great idea is actually a DIY project – make a Christmas tree out of cardboard and use it as a jewelry holder in your bedroom. It’ll be like you've decorated a tree because of shine that jewelry has.

Which materials are considered fashionable for 2014?

If you plan on doing a major redecoration in your home, you should know that wood, metal and stone are still completely trendy. Again, it’s all about what you want to do with your place which should reflect your personality. But, it’s not necessary to go with wooden materials to get a cozy atmosphere if you want your home to remain modern by all standards. To manage all that by just one stroke, you should think about using mosaics. You can even use all these tree materials to make a custom-made mosaic that you can use to cover a whole surface in your kitchen, for example. It’s going to be interesting enough so you don’t have to worry about other options for decoration and it’s still very practical.

Sand, romance and nature

Considering that you have complete freedom when it comes to picking out a style, you should be aware that nature is in again. Now is your chance to reflect your deepest feelings through decoration. A great way to show the love you have for light is by placing sun in the foreground. Turn your place into a beach by using yellow, blue and the color of sand. Also, 2014 is the right year for every romantic soul to show their true selves – usage of dimly pink combined with different shades of purple and red can turn your home into an emotional safe zone. The final touch should be a refreshment in the form of a plant.

Don’t forget about art

When you’re done with decorating and you still feel like something’s missing, you should complete the interior design with a painting. If you find the art you like to expensive, you can always replace it with photography. Dig out your old family pictures in black and white and frame them. Jan Prior, owner of Boutique Framing says that instead of increasing your whole wall with wall-papers in stripes or patterns, you can try out an idea of having a wall encased with memories. That is a very nice advice, so, whatever you find suitable to use to frame your memories with, it’ll string along great with the existing decorations in your home.


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this is fab thank you Ivan...wont be changing my decor love it I do..but I know many folk like to redo...renew...

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Interesting article.

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