Degree Dog Training Cork: Degree Courses for Aspiring Dog Trainers in Cork

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Owning a dog has a lot of perks apart from having a pet that you can call your own. While some dogs are trainable, the moment you discover a gift for training even dogs that you don’t own, it is time to consider professionalizing that gift. But first, you need to be certified.

In the city of Cork, in Ireland, certificate and degree courses for aspiring dog trainers are available online .

In fact some of them have specializations like how to train dogs depending on the needs that each dog owner might need. A sample course outline contains list of skills that you can possibly earn.

- Dogs as Assistants
Certain breeds of dogs have been helpful to man. But training them to assist their masters would help you discover why most senior citizens survive old age with the help of the dogs that they own. From being guide dogs to the blind, it eventually became a skill applicable to the elderly since their eyesight and reflexes are getting more feeble as they age. Dogs can be trained to be useful as assistants. This serves as the orientation part for the aspiring dog trainer.

- Assessing the Dogs
You may be familiar with the dog breeds that would be best trained as guard dogs or guide dogs. Dobermans and Terriers usually make the cut. On the other hand, you end up discovering other breeds too like Huskies and mongrels. But you get to assess them as early as the puppy stage. Learning how to write assessment procedures and designing modules are taught at this stage. It is safe to say that the module that you are tasked to write down is the closest thing you can get to a college term paper. Not bad, it might even become your official module once you get this skill professionalized.

- Development
This is where you see the logic behind assessing the puppies before they become dogs. While training dogs in their adult stage can be done, the kind of assistance skills they will be doing for their masters will span for a long time. Conditioning them for this kind of life starts in the puppy stage. Besides, knowing how loyal dogs can get towards their masters, they might even end up assisting them their whole life. Some lessons in canine husbandry are mentioned since the breeding part is considered too.

- Disability Awareness
This is the part where you are oriented about the clients that you will face. I mentioned how most of the dogs that you will be training have masters with disabilities like the blind. Some of them rely on a staff and a dog while others have a handle attached to the dog while guiding their walk. On whether using a staff is still advisable when handles are available is assessed here. In some cases though, your potential client doesn’t have a dog yet. So identifying which among the dogs that you have in your kennel will match your client’s needs is important.

- Mobility training
Some dogs are just so restless at times that they refuse to stay in one place. You may have expected that but you would learn a different point of view now that you have enrolled in a certificate course for potential dog trainers. Also, tasks are no longer limited to fetch.

- Dogs at your service
This is considered advanced level since some dogs get deployed for sniffing baggages for suspicious contents. Others get deployed as guard dogs so learning how to defend their masters would be a factor too.

Most subjects offered in the certificate course are home-based. The course outline displayed online shows which are home-based and which will be practical-based. This way, you get to brace yourself on the theoretical and practical approaches to training dogs. Those who get to complete the course might even get paid employment opportunities as there is a demand in Cork for certified dog trainers. Good luck.


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