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How demotivating one often leads to the falling apart of the entire unit

The Pharaoh

Pharaoh came up to me at a social event and in his smarmy manner asked about the next Annual General Meeting for a particular organisation.

Pharaoh is one of those megalomaniacs who has to control everything and everyone until overthrown.

When I first joined the congregation I was full of energy and excitement. This didn’t last long as every thing I volunteered to do was declined by Pharaoh.

Every idea I offered was ignored or slapped away by Pharaoh. It took less than a year for me to return to my usual flakehood

I missed more meetings than I attended, avoided most social activities, and stopped paying dues.

It took the organisation an unnaturally long time to get rid of Pharaoh, but they did. They did when it was far too late to really matter.

They did so when all those who had energy and interest had moved on.

For Pharaoh to come to me, at this function, to ask me such a question produced an overabundance of spit in my mouth, which, due to where I was, was not expelled.

Instead, trying to maintain my dignity and not allow my hatred to overflow I replied;

“How would I know? “

As no one was talking to him, and I must have a kind face, he started to babble something.

Avoiding his wormy eyes I interrupted his diatribe with, “I couldn’t care less..” and walked away.

When you Demotivate

You don’t need a P.h.D in Psychology to know that once a person is demotivated it is nearly impossible to reactive. Like getting a bad meal in a restaurant, or meeting someone for the first time who begins to pick his nose, you’re done.

Parents and teachers need to write it on their eye lashes; never demotivate a child. Whatever it is, that child is done for life.

The Cost of Racism

At a particular prestigious High School the Old Boys decided to hire a particular coach for the football team. They had been doing well, thought they’d give that extra push with this well known guy.

The guy had problems with himself. He didn’t want ‘Chinny’ or ‘Coolie’ boys on his team, so put the Captain of the Under 12 Championships at left back, and tried to keep him on the bench so he could field his Soweto Eleven.

The mother of the Under 12 Captain was not upset that her son, who was a stellar player, was demotivated. She always felt he spent too much time on Football, not enough on his education.

Being off the team would give him more time to focus on his book, so she took action, along with the mothers of other ‘Chinny’ or ‘Coolie’ boys.

The team went out in the first round. They were so bad that people suggested the Girl’s School down the road could beat them. The Old Boys fired the coach but it was too late.

The parents of the boys who had been excluded either moved them to another school or as the Captain’s mother, had them focus on their studies and play football for their neighbourhood clubs.

Boss From Hell

Bosses from Hell are great demotivators. They might get an employee who takes his or her work personally and is willing to stay until the job is done. After a month or so of his abuse, they become professional clock watchers who couldn’t care less.

They may have entered as Usain Bolt, now it takes them five minutes to walk to the water cooler.

They may be able to juggle three things at once, now it takes them all day to photocopy a few documents.

That they don’t care cuts down their stress level. Work is almost an oasis from daily concerns.

While the Boss From Hell shouts and insults, the staff develops a protective layer of hate and make themselves available to others going for the worst possible time (for the business) to walk out.

Cut Your Nose

Pharaoh, like the coach and BFH are their own greatest saboteurs. Anything they are involved with fails. Whether it becomes a moribund organisation in which there are more ex-members than members, whether it goes into the losing spiral, the fact is that once someone is 'turned off’ they won’t be turned on again, not for this organisation, that team, or this business.


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