Dessert Recipe: Barley Corn Soup

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Barley Corn Soup is a light dessert for everyone. It is high insoluble fibre, nutritious, taste light, cool and refreshing during hot weather. Barley Corn Soup is easy to prepare with barley seeds, corn kernels, sugar and water.

Cool Nutritious Dessert

I made a pot of Barley Corn Soup for dessert today and it was superb!

This is an old recipe from my mom, who used to boil sweet dessert soup such as Red Bean Soup, Green Bean Soup, Black Glutinous Rice Soup and Barley Corn Soup for us to drink during hot season.

Although weather is turning upside down now (morning scorching sun while mid afternoon raining cats and dogs), sweet dessert soups are our wonderful beverage to warm up our tummies and felt warm after drinking two small bowls Barley Corn Soup.

Additional Ingredients:

Sometimes, my mom would add in :

beancurd sheets

Gingko Nuts

Mungo Beans

into the barley soup for more nutrition.

Recipe for Barley Corn Soup ( original recipe created by my mom)


1/2 small bowl of raw barley
1/2 small bowl of corn kernels
2-3 tbsp of castor sugar
1/2 pot of water
3 pieces of Screwpine leaves (optional)
Screwpine leaves ar
e locally known as Pandan Leaves

Method of boiling Barley Corn Soup

1) Wash the raw barley twice to remove the dust and dirt .
2) Transfer the washed barley into the soup pot, fill it up with water , almost 1/2 of the pot.
3) Throw in the corn kernels but not the sugar.
4) If you wish to add in the beancurd sheet, soak the dried beancurd sheet in water to soften.
5) Boil barley until 15 minutes, add in the sugar and beancurd sheet ( optional).
6) Further boil for 10 minutes. Turn off heat.

**Serve hot Yield: 3 persons**

Tips and tricks

Make sure the barley seeds have soften.
Some people love to chew soft barley and corns together.

Corn kernels may take a longer time to cook.

Hence, you should use canned corn kernels which are easier to cook compare to raw corn cobs.

What is Pearl Barley? Where Can I Buy Barley?

Pearl Barley -

You can find this white tiny oval shape Pearl Barley seeds sold in grocery shops, Chinese Medicine shops and hypermarket under the seeds and seasoning section.

They are usually sold in pre-packed weight, 100g, 500g , 1kg or in loose form, placed in a gunny sack where customers are allowed to choose the amount they intended to purchase.

How To Choose Good Barley?

* When you purchase barley seeds, ensure to check its freshness ;whether there is any powdery barley at the base of the packaging.

* Barley mites may developed in rotten seeds which the mites might had drilled up holes in other good barley seeds.

* Hence, all the nutrients are eaten up by the mites.

* Choose barley packaging which is tight fitted, not loose packaging with air inside.

* Check for black barley mites that looks alike rice mites.

* Good barley seeds are white keyboard in color.

How Do I Keep Barley?

* After you had bought the barley, remember to open up the seal, pour them into a clean, dry glass container or mason jar with air tight lid.

* Do not place in plastic containers as it will develop moisture which may spoil the seeds.

* Do not leave the barley seeds too long in dry place.

* Try to cook the barley in 2 months time.

* Otherwise, buy small quantity instead of large bulk. You will lose if you are greedy.

Chinese Beliefs

In Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, barley seeds are commonly consumed as a cool beverage and dessert during hot weather.

It is believed that barley has the nutrients to cool down body temperature and provide sufficient fibre, fluid and nutrition for patients who are lacked of appetite.

Barley also aids in producing urine in the bladder to allow waste to flush out often during the day.

It helps to relieve stress to the kidneys and bladder especially young people who do not drink sufficient plain water but carbonated and alcoholic drinks that may damage the organs in long term run.

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Do share with me your opinion

Do you have your country well known desserts to share?
What would you suggest? .
I would love to hear from you.

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Photos taken by @Peachpurple with my Nokia N79 handset .
Please do not copy and paste these photos and drawings in this article elsewhere without written permission from me. Thank you.


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