Detroit Red Wings Hockey Pool Predictions for 2010/2011

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Could the 2010/2011 season be a rebound year for the Wings? After last season's debacle, expect better things this year.

Detroit Red Wings Hockey Pool Predictions for 2010/2011

The Detroit Red Wings are the hockey equivalent of "Old Faithful," you seem to always know what to expect from them. For what is now approaching almost 2 decades, they have consistently been considered a contender for the Stanley Cup. Last year's regular season was a bit of a slip for the Red Wings, primarily due to injury. With a veteran team like the Wings, injury's may be a bit more likely to happen, although as a team they play such a smart brand of hockey that a lot of players don't receive as much regular season punishment as some others in the NHL. This year expect the Wings to yet again be amongst the leaders in the West as they rebound from what was a disappointing (for them) 2009/2010) season.

Blue Chip Players


Pavel Datsyuk- Defending Selke award winner, Datsyuk should be able to have a statistical rebound this year with the Wings having a healthy line up. Last season's 70 points in 80 games was his worst point total since 2004. I would look for a significant bounce back for him in the range of 90 points.

Hendrick Zetterberg- . Like Datsyuk, Zetterberg should be in for a much improved year if the Wings lineup can remain healthy. Last season Zetterberg "only" scored 70 points in 74 games. I would expect a significant increase to just over a point a game this season. Zetterberg should top out at around 85 points.


It seems odd not to include Nickolas Lidstrom here, however, it appears that father time is catching up and dropping him to a second tier level.

Jimmy Howard is not blue yet, but could be soon.

Second Tier


Johan Franzen- Franzen ruptured his ACL at the beginning of the season and rushed his return to the lineup. Anyone who has suffered this type of injury should know that it takes at least a year to fully heal. Even with last season's injury, he still managed to score at a 0.78ppg clip. It's been a year and I would expect Franzen to have a stellar season with a ppg of around 0.85 which should translate into about 75+ points.

Valterri Filppula- Filppula is a sometimes maddening point producer as he tends to score in bunches. Last season was a bit of a write off for Filppula due to a broken wrist. He is yet another Wing on the rebound. He should do better than last year's ppg of 0.64, and as a 26 year old 5th year pro, could be poised to have a big year.


Nicklas Lidstrom- Lidstrom is still a quality defenseman at the age of 40, just don't expect him to be among the league leaders in points. 40-45 points would be a respectable prediction for this sure thing hall of famer, with some potential to crack 50.

Brian Rafalski- Rafalski appears to be slowing down just a touch. Like a lot of Wings, his point totals slipped a fair bit last year. I'm predicting a partial recovery for Rafalski this year with a healthy lineup. 45-50 points would appear to be a logical prediction.


Jimmy Howard- It's clear that the Red Wings are going to be going with Jimmy Howard as their starter. I would count on him playing the bulk of the Wing's games and getting a fair number of wins. He could easily vault into the elite goaltender category if the Wings have a strong rebound year.

Don't Over Rate


Todd Bertuzzi- Bertuzzi had a semi productive season with the Wings last year, although he now appears to be a shadow of his former physical self. Injuries and undisciplined play appear to have caught up to him. Don't expect great things this year and be aware that he is now a very big injury risk.
Dan Cleary- Despite some decent point potential, Cleary has never completed a full NHL season. He is a huge injury risk and I would leave him to someone else to take a chance on.

Thomas Holmstrom- Holmstrom is now 37 years old. I would expect his stats to begin to decline and be sure to be aware that he is very injury prone as he has played 80 games just once in the last decade.

Potential Sleepers and Late Round Steals

Jiri Hudler- Prior to bolting to the KHL last season, Hudler was coming off a break through season. He had a good year in the KHL last season and should pick up right where he left off. A ppg of better than 0.70 would be a reasonable prediction.

Nikolai Kuleman- Kuleman is entering his 3rd pro season at the age of 24 and could very well find himself on the Leaf's number one line. He is a skilled player with decent size who has the potential to put up 50 points this year. He may be overlooked in a lot of drafts.


Niklas Kronwall- Kronwall is a good offensive defenseman who is often forgotten about when considering the Wings. He has 50 point potential IF he can stay healthy. So far he has proven to be somewhat brittle in his NHL career. He may be worth the risk.


Patrick Eaves- Eaves is now 26 years old and this could very well be a make or break season for him as a pro. He has good offensive upside and could thrive if he finds the right linemate this season.

Mike Modano- A lot of people might write off Modano, but he may be a bit revitalized playing in Detroit and could be a 45 point player quite easily if he is pared with the right talent.

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