Development of our Children by Entertainment

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To develop creativity in our children from birth is necessary. At this time the baby is ready to learn anything, he hears and sees. If for various reasons you missed this time, do not despair. The main thing is you just have to start to engage with the child at a later age. We must not forget that the development of creativity is usually merit parents.

Enhancing Capabilites of our Child

For the full development of creative abilities, you must create the necessary physical conditions of the child. You also need the participation of adults in various attempts kid draw. There is no need to impose their point of view on the baby, never say that it could be more beautiful, because it's just your opinion. Developing games for children 4 years of age should be interesting and exciting. If you do so a few times, then your child will not learn to take the initiative. Correct to adjust it in the choice of flowers and colors.

Creative development is impossible without solving all sorts of questions you have to answer them. Children often ask the same questions about what and when it was. In the active reserve your baby is a few words, by which he shapes the questions. After telling a story, do not need to rush to answer the question of a new baby. Always pay attention to your child's language and mental development. To develop creativity in your child, you can used animated movies, by watching movies babies can learn many new things just like moral values etc. But this is also the fact, that all the programs are not suitable for child which depends of parents.

Today, cartoons include children in each house. There in front of a blue screen, and fall asleep to the sound of it can be called normal. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the children copy the behavior of their parents, and when Dad comes home and sits in front of the TV, rather than play a bit with the baby, the baby begins to understand that this is a good way to relax and spend time.

In addition, in many families television works a few hours a day, is a kind of background. This is harmful not only for adults but also for children, since the noise, even though he was invisible, prevents to concentrate on the particular job. Do not forget that children are watching television should sit on a hard chair. Everyone noticed the impact that has on children's advertising, these videos simply riveting attention, so the baby for a long time at her distracted.

Children's perception is different from the adult, kids under 7 years old literally perceive the information received, this also applies to commercials. The ability to thoroughly understand and evaluate the plan appears only 12 years.

Up to 10 years old child reveals his fantasy in a free game. To reveal the spiritual experiences, to develop mental abilities and fine motor skills necessary to create conditions. No coincidence that children with such a pleasure to run along the corridors in primary schools and in the streets, it helps to compensate for a deficiency of movement. TV gives us a ready-made scripts and plots, it can lower school performance and adversely affect the reading speed.

By watching cartoons or animation movies, children learn many moral values which is most necessary for them. There are hundreds of sources for online movies just like Movie Rulz us which can be used for this purpose. Watching for your kind response in form of comment with respect to this article. May be some of us agree with me or someone not.


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