Did you know these three tips for cat owners?

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Do you love cats and are thinking about getting one? A lot of people have had cats their whole life and know how to deal with them. This article is for the novice who either recently got a cat or thinking of getting one.

What novice cat owners should know

What novice cat owners should know.

There are three things that new cat human family's should know. You may know some of these if you are an older adult or elderly and have always had a cat since you can remember. But this article is mainly for cat novices. The theme is four things you should never do to you cat.

Why you should never punish your cat

Why you should never punish or hit your cat

If you were best friends with your cat all through her kitten years, your behavior might ruin that special friendship and bond. It is no use scaring cats by yelling at them. It is especially bad if you are a tall man and have a deep, booming voice. And Please never remember hit your cat to punish them. That will only ruin the relationship of the family member who scared him and punished him. Sure, your cat is going to maybe not go in her litter box. You don't hit your cat or yell at her when she misses it and goes on your new living room carpet. The way to do it is to give your cat plenty of praise. As in the case of the litter box, praise your cat when they do their business in it. Give occasional treats because you don't want an overweight cat. Anything you do negative to the family cat, the family cat is going to view that person they once loved and gave it freely to the person will stop.

Only give products suitable to cats

Another thing that is essential for cats is never to give your cat something that does not say cats on the label. Some things like a simple Tylenol humans take for pain or aspirin for pain can kill a cat. Cats are so sensitive that you can't even give your cat flea and tick medicine meant for dogs And check the labels on everything you are giving your pet make sure it says for cats on the label. Remember to check to make sure you can give your cat kitten products Some cat products are not suitable for kittens. The ASPCA's Animal Poison Control website has a pretty well covered of what is poisonous to your cat.

The overweight or obese cat and their need for a diet

Veterinarians are always trying to encourage their patients human parent or family to not let their pet get overweight. If you pet is overweight, it can cause all pets harm. For cats, they can get feline arthritis or diabetes. It also makes their life harder, and they will have a hard time walking down the stairs without panting when they are overweight. Plus you won't have your cat as long.
When your cat gives you those pleading eyes to give him a treat, practice your patients and don't give the cat the treat unless it is some specially formulated diet treat. Your pet's doctor will probably either prescribe food if you have an obese cat. If not they will recommend a diet brand of cat food, And remember your cat doesn't feed himself. It is up the humans in his life to making sure he sticks to his diet.


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10th Aug 2015 (#)

Yes - it is important to remember that a cat's mental processes are not as sophisticated as a human's. If you catch the cat in the act of scratching your sofa - for example - a sharp "No" can work wonders because it will associate the action with your dissatisfaction.

However, if it pees in the wrong place it will not know why you are being cross - are you criticising it for peeing at all, or just the location? And what exactly was wrong with the location? Picking the cat up and putting it on its litter tray or outside the back door (always the better option!) is more likely to have the desired effect!

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