Diecast Cars and Trucks A Great Investment and Fun Hobby!

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This article will talk about collecting diecast cars, trucks and how they are fun for the entire family as well as great conversation pieces.

Diecast Cars

I remember growing up as a child and having some really neat Hot Wheel & Matchbox Cars. I really wish I had some of them now, but when you’re a kid you know what happens to them! If I had kept some of them in good shape, they would be worth a small fortune. I cannot believe how much some of these cars are worth especially the Limited Edition ones. There are many other companies producing highly desirable collectible die cast cars as well. Whether a collector likes purchasing some vintage collectibles or new ones they’re out there and available and both of them will always increase in value.

It never ceases to amaze me on how highly detailed and realistic some of the smaller scales are! And with this hobby there is a model to suit everyone's likes from vintage cars, new cars, NASCAR and more.

I personally like the vintage muscle cars and my favorite and real dream car is the 1963 Corvette. These cars back in the days just expressed pure horsepower and were much easier to work on than the cars today. Another car I liked back in the days when I had my auto body shop were Volkswagons. I would put $5.00 worth of gas in one and be able to drive for an entire week. Although gas was also 69 cents a gallon! I also liked the fact on how easy there were to work on as far as engine and body work goes. The fenders were cheap and were able to be removed in about 10 minutes. An engine can be removed in less than an hour by using a simple car jack. When I first opened my auto body shop in 1983 I had purchased two Volkswagons. One was a 1974 and the other was a 1975 and my customer sold them both to me for $125.00. With some cosmetic surgery and little mechanical work I sold both of them for an $1,800 profit. Boy do I wish I had both of these cars today!

To me this hobby brings back memories and allows you to purchase your dream car, but in a much smaller scale (LOL).

Die Cast Trucks

There are many collectors collecting die cast trucks as well. I have quite a few friends who are truckers and I am blown away about the collection they have in their homes. They keep them in an enclosed lighted glass display case which looks amazing. One of my friends has a complete Hess truck collection from all the years that they were made. I believe these trucks sold at the Hess gas stations for between $19.99 - $29.99 as the years and models progressed. Now the prices for these collectibles far exceed the initial retail price. But they will continue to rise in value as well.

What I like about diecast collectible cars, trucks and other vehicles other than their great looks is that they're space saving unless you take a look at the YouTube video below and see this mans collection! But in general the smaller scales are and you can have a nice sized collection in a small area. I currently do not have a big assortment but I have a few. I will need to move into a larger place to accommodate the collection I would like to. My girlfriend would make me get rid of my RC helicopter collection first and that's definitely not going to happen!

Diecast Collectibles Are a Great Gift Idea!

Whether someone is just starting out in this fun hobby or a full blown collector, a collectible diecast vehicle is a great gift for anyone. This hobby has no age barrier or gender and this hobby will give you hours of enjoyment.

You can also purchase or make your own illuminated display case to show off your prized possessions. As I mentioned earlier this hobby brings back memories for me with just the few collectible cars I have. The diecast cars I have are the exact cars I had back in the days and when I look at these diecast cars they bring me right back to a certain time in my life with many memories I have of the things I have done. If some of you have these feelings too than you can relate to me.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you found it somewhat interesting. I try to make all of my articles about my own experiences I have had over the years.

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Thanks for reading!


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