Difference between a plant cell and a animal cell.

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Showing the differences between a plant and a animal cell.

Difference between a typical plant cell and a typical animal cell.

Plant Cell.

1.A cell wall is present.
2.No cholesterol in plasma membrane.
3.Large central vacuole present.
4.Glyoxisomes present.
5.No centrioles.
6.Fever number of lysosomes.
7.Storage food is Starch.
8.Chloroplasts present.
9.Chromoplasts,Leucoplasts present.
10.Produce all 20 amino acids.
11.Plasma bonds as cell juctions.

Animal Cells.

1.A cell wall is absent.
2.Cholesterol present in plasma membrane.
3.Small many vacuoles present.
4.Glyoxisomes absent.
5.Centrioles present
6. Number of lysosomes.
7.Storage food is Glycogen.
8.Chloroplasts absent.
9.Chromoplasts,Leucoplasts absent.
10.Produce some of 20 amino acids.
11.Communicatim junctions,gap juctions,desmasomes present between cells.


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