Differences between Portals and Regular Websites

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There are a few Web portals which are larger than your average site. These portals have many options which you would not usually find on more regular sites. As a portal, the sites are supposed to be potential home pages for browsers, and the likes of Google and Microsoft each have their own portals to accompany their browsers. Good examples of portals are MSN, AOL, iGoogle and Yahoo!These are a few of the more notable contrasts between them and regular sites.

Search Engines

A number of portals include their own search engines. Igoogle is set up with the Google search box, while Yahoo also has its own search engine. Certainly, this is not something that you will find on a regular website, as the closest thing would be a site search box. The portals have general search engines.

Web mail

Web mail tools are included with a number of portals. If you register with their mail clients, you can then send and receive email with them without any software package required. The Web mail clients include most of the standard email options for drafting emails with formatting options for the email. Check out MSN and Yahoo's portals, both of which have their own Web mail clients.

Sub Sites

Typically, portals include a variety of sub sites which are linked to from their home page. For example, from the Yahoo homepage there are a number of links to Yahoo sites. Yahoo sites include Fantasy Football, Videos, Travel, Sport, Weather etc etc. As such, unlike more regular sites the portal sites are somewhat diverse.

Games Galore

Among the sub sites that can be included on portals are games. Portals such as MSN and Yahoo have a variety of card games, board games and casino games. For example, games such as Texas Hold'em Poker, Hearts, Solitaire, Monopoly and Backgammon are a few of the more regular games you will find included at Yahoo and MSN. Most of these games have text boxes so that you can chat with the others in the game lounge.


Some portals can be configured more than your average website. For example, consider the iGoogle portal. This site includes gadgets on the home page which can be further configured. You can add new gadgets, and remove others. They can also be repositioned on the page. Select the iGoogle settings to further customize the site. Admittedly, not all portals can be customized in the same way, but they do usually have some options to change the site settings.

Portals are the first choice for many when it comes to browser home pages. They are among the biggest sites on the Web in relation to size and traffic. Check them out for some alternative browser home pages.


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