Different Types Of Winter Wiper Blades Available

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A pair of wiper blades is a necessity if you are to travel or drive safely in adverse weather conditions. The most unfriendly weather for driving conditions for driving is a wet, cold or snowy one.

Types Of Winter Wiper Blades

Apart from the road being very wet so that water acts as a lubricant between your vehicle’s tyres and the road thereby reducing the friction whenever you apply your brakes, it is always very foggy and blurry. The height of it is when snow collects on your vehicles’ windshield; you practically won’t be able to see anything. Since there is a more frequent fall of snow at winter, it is essential that you get wiper blades designed specifically to adapt to the inclement weather elements of this time. However, the snag for many drivers is that they are not informed well enough to make a good choice of winter wiper blades. Crystal Clear innovated of automatic heated wiper blades for winter condition. Here you would glean valuable knowledge on the diverse types of winter wiper blades and the one that is best for your vehicle.

Silicone Blades: this type of wiper blade has a sweeping surface made of silicone. The advantage with silicone blades is that they do not freeze or crack in cold conditions. No matter how cold the condition, a silicone winter wiper blade with a swipe clears rainy and snowy moisture on your windshield. When it also comes to durability, they outlast rubber blades and so for many silicone blades, you will enjoy a lifetime guarantee. The only downside could be that they are much more expensive than other types of blades but if you look at it from the long run perspective, silicone wipers are cheaper.

Vibrating wiper blades or shaker blades: many times other types of wiper blades get wedged and stuck by accumulated ice and snow; if at all the wiper blade is able to swipe back and forth, its wiping is ineffective as the snowy build up on the blade prevents it from wiping the surface of the windshield thoroughly thereby leaving the windscreen blurred; this impairs visibility of drivers. What a vibrating wiper blade does is to vibrate as it swipes; this does a lot to shake off the snowy and icy grits that can build up on the blade and wedge the vibrating wiper blade. Not all vibrating wiper blades are replaceable; some only have rubber strips that can be replaced. Such types of blades are more expensive and would require that you incur an extra cost of installation.

Heated Blades: The rationale behind a heated blade is much the same as a vibrating wiper blade but they achieve dealing with icy snowy particles using different means. While a vibrating winter wiper blade shakes off icy and snowy grits, a heated blade melts them using a heating element inside the rubber strip of the blade. Frost on the windshield of any vehicle is as blurry as snow and sleet moisture and it is even more difficult for the driver to scrape but with a Heated wiper blade, defrosting is a matter of minutes. Installing heated blades is quite technical and complex and so only a professional should attempt installing it.

Maintenance: you don’t want to buy a wiper blade now only for it to go bad in a matter of weeks; whether or not a wiper blade would last for reasonably long for its quality is a function of usage therefore taking the following tips into cognizance is quite important
• Preferably rinse them in warm washer solution; every auto store should have one
• Ensure your vehicles’ wiper blade return to the off position before turning off the car; this prevents them from freezing overnight and keeps them in good working condition every morning.


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