Digging up Your Garden: Garden Soil and Nutrition

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Check out various garden soils and nutrients that it requires on a daily basis. The big three nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are required by all kinds of garden soils. You can also read about some other minerals that you can use to enrich the soil.

Garden soil nutrition

Garden soils vary in composition and with locality. Those located in coastal areas tend to be sandy with little water bearing capacity. Garden soils on river banks have lots of clay content. Nutrition varies – when digging your garden up, weeds tend to get in the way. The reason gardeners hate weeds is that they deplete the soil of all nutrition. My mother hates it when I play ball inside her kitchen garden.

Components of nutrients

Most plants need plenty of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in addition to minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and sulfur. Nitrogen is essential for growth of new leaves. I require plenty of chips and coke to keep me happy. Nitrogen keeps the plant healthy. You can replenish soil nitrogen by:
a) Adding fish wastes and kitchen wastes
b) Crop rotation

Fish waste and kitchen discards

Dried blood is rich in lot of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. (Heard of Dracula? He is the guy who sleeps through the day and comes out at night to drink blood!) It also contains traces of minerals and so even if there is some stink for a while, your kitchen garden will become replenished with essential nutrients immediately.

Using scientific methods for governing soil fertility

Second method is to grow crops that fix nitrogen into the soil in succession to those that deplete it. For this you can use beans or any legumes since they are very efficient nitrogen fixers. If you fix me a good fruit drink, I will go jump in your cabbage patch again. Meantime, let us see how to grow houseplants, vegetables, and spices in the garden.

Role of phosphorus

Phosphorus is required for healthy plant root growth. It synthesizes the sugar and helps plants resist disease. It also plays an important role in adjusting the pore openings so that the correct amount of moisture is let out or absorbed. Keep those windows closed, there is cold draft coming in through there.

Check for potassium deficiency

When leaves curl up, it is an indication of potassium deficiency. My aunt tells me never to curl up on the sofa – maybe it reminds her of her tomatoes. Potassium helps during the photosynthesis process. Liquid seaweed and fish emulsion are good sources of potash (compound of potassium).

Calcium and its role

Calcium is present in the leaves and help in several metabolic activities. It neutralizes acidic wastes and builds cell walls. You should see the walls of my room – they are all neutralized by jazzy posters and colorful collages. Yellowing of the upper leaves in tomatoes indicate calcium deficiency. If yellowing occurs in lower leaves, then it is an indication of nitrogen deficiency. And if the yellowing takes place below ground level, you do not have to worry about it.

Composition of good garden soils

Important components of garden soils
a) Compost
b) Sand
c) Manure
d) Peat
e) Perlite
f) Fish meal
g) Wood ashes or seaweed

Grass clippings, decomposed leaves, organic wastes such as cow dung and kitchen wastes are best way to provide a nutrient rich soil that has plenty of humus. This is useful for balancing soil texture since it will separate soil by adding enrichment and yet preserving its light texture. You can add just about anything except my school grades – nothing on earth compares to it or will put up with it.

This is vital for any garden soil. It helps drainage of soils. If there is no sand the kitchen garden soil will become too lumpy and hard. Check in my pockets if you want some ready supply.

Manure from horses, cow or pigs along with rotting bark will help to enrich nitrogen content of soils. However, one has to age the manure since new manure will be toxic to plants. I get toxic when I age.


This must be mixed with soil that has too much sand. It helps retain moisture but has a tendency to dry out too quickly. Therefore must be used with discretion. Like food – eat some in between your cracker packets or mom will get mad.

This residue of volcanic ash helps increase the porosity of the soil. You can use this with all kinds of soils.

Fish meal
This is the internal organs of fish that is left behind upon cleaning. You can buy it ready made from shops that sell fertilizers. Good source for nitrogen for your plants. There is a beetle in my soup and fish among your plants Mrs Mixedup Already.

Wood ash or seaweed
These two items are good sources of potash. Potash helps your plants during fruit production stages. I will help during the eating stages.

Digging up your garden

Digging up the top soil of your garden will help to aerate the bed beneath. When air passes through soil, the soil will absorb atmospheric nitrogen and thus become enriched. You don’t have to remind me I will do my best. Until we meet again or you want someone to dig up your garden, Chal.

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