Digital Transformation within DevOps – Where should you start?

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The Digital Transformation is continuing to revolutionize the way how organizations deliver best customer services, transacting with their suppliers and managing the internal business processes and the operations.

Digital Transformation within DevOps

In the era of digitalization, we can feel breath-taking innovations and technology adoption. Today, every business wants to come at the front by adopting necessary technological changes to enhance the overall productivity at the edge of increased competitiveness.

In brief, Digitalization is not just pre-defined or something that is simply brought-in at the time of necessity but it has gone integral to the innovation. For the Software Development organizations, this is necessary that they should closely monitor the development approach by harnessing the true potential of developers and IT professionals.

“Digital Transformation successfully harness the power of the cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and IT professionals to do something different on the competitive edge.”

Starting with DevOps

The digital transformation can be achieved only when underpinned by solid development platform to deliver new apps, services and the technologies.The organizations that are still continue to use the older development techniques will lose out soon, even if their technical ideas are quite sound. At the same time, the organizations that quickly put their ideas in front of consumers can refine the software before its launch with the relevant customer feedback.

Here, the role of DevOps come into play and taken as the fundamental requirement to the success of Digital Transformation. With DevOps, the new ideas can be delivered quickly and it supports various development approaches like Agile methodologies, continuous integration, and delivery.

“DevOps is the platform where people, process, and tools can work together to accelerate the product delivery lifecycle with maximum innovation tactics. Within DevOps, Digital Transformation can be refined on the on-going basis.”

But the adoption of DevOps requires to redefine IT capabilities aligned with digital transformation strategy. Obviously, there are few challenges in scaling Digital Transformation & DevOps Initiatives together and you need a perfect Digital Transformation strategy to implement the DevOps at scale.

Let us see, where should you start?

What are the Challenges in Scaling Digital Transformation & DevOps Initiatives?

Almost all the organizations are aware of the benefits of Digital Transformation yet starting right is always a challenge. The barriers are strongly felt by the enterprises in scaling Digital Transformation and DevOps initiatives together. When you implement DevOps Tools, you should have the right tools, process and culture to facilitate significant IT change.

The barriers mentioned earlier in the diagram prevent organizations from getting started. You need to work on all these challenges smartly for a successful DevOps implementation at scale. Also, you can take help from the DevOps consultants to make the things just right in your favour.

Why getting Agile only not enough anymore?

As of now, Agile approach to software development is considered as the most flexible choice to ship out the product in the highly incremental way. Also, it fosters regular interaction with the customers that results in continuous learning, improvement, and the innovation. Let us have a quick look how Agile development approach is always better when compared to the waterfall or other similar models.

Agile is successful when you want to meet changing requirements of the customers successfully. At the same time, Agile development approach fails at the time of execution when the code is released into production. As a result, you get deployment bottlenecks delaying the business from getting involved in new development tasks.

Here, the role of DevOps comes into the picture that manages each IT delivery effectively in the digitally enabled world. The large enterprises have already harnessed the power of DevOps and rest will identify by the end of the year 2018. DevOps takes a holistic approach to Agile that focus on all business operations and relationships instead of Software Development solely.

Technically, DevOps is based on best IT principles that promise to deliver better and excellent functionalities as needed by the businesses. The way DevOps handles the product delivery value can be delivered to your business in predictable time frame only.

Building a DevOps roadmap ahead

When building a DevOps roadmap a head, you should clear in your mind why you need digital Transformation and the DevOps? Next priority in the list is examining the communication channels and the control structures. At the planning stage of DevOps roadmap, you should work on the resources and arrange training classes to minimize the skill-gap from JanBask Training.

There are few people in the team that are highly reluctant to changes, here you need to be more innovative and made them realize the benefits of new technologies and development techniques. Also, those people should be engaged early to make them sure how changes actually accelerate the development process and help in the overall growth of the business.

Be Agile because fast feedbacks are essentials so that you can know about the failures as soon as possible. If failure is not the option then try to get the quick wins to create momentum and the visible success. Here, DevOps helps you in identifying the potential risks and the quick wins that need immediate attention.

Further, you should be good at marketing and communication both to engage the staff and audience together. In this way, the best success metrics can be defined within DevOps perfectly and articulated to the rest of the business.

How do I Implement DevOps at Scale Within a Digital Transformation Strategy?

DevOps is not something that can be assigned to a small group of experts but it needs to be practiced at each and every facet of IT. This is the reason why DevOps should be mastered from the top of the organization and supported from all the corners. Here is the outline for success DevOps implementation at scale within a Digital Transformation strategy.

How can DevOps partnershelp you in getting the things right?

“The IT organizations should have a very clear picture in mind why the business needs a digital transformation strategy, how they are intended to deliver innovation, and a complete list of products they want to develop for appropriate business growth before they actually plan for any DevOps implementation.”

The DevOps consultants help you in identifying strategic visions and goals need to accomplished with successful DevOps implementation and well-planned Digital Transformation strategy.Next comes DevOps training partner like JanBaskTraining that helps in maintaining skills-gap from the top of the organization and supports all corners as needed by the businesses.

Final Words

Given that Digital transformation is the primary requirement for any business, software Development has become a core competency worldwide. Most of the large enterprises have decided to rebuild IT capabilities as the central part of Digital Transformation strategy where DevOps is key to success that should be taken into account by all the organizations. Check Devops Interview Questions and Answers


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