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I decided to write this article to satisfy my love for anything paranormal. It's based around the disappearances of many figures through modern day history.

The 1800's

On the 29th of November 1809 Benjamin Bathurst was reported to have vanished forever. He was the son of the Bishop of Norwich and was supposedly on an important mission from Vienna to London. He took a stroll around the coach that was taking him through his journey and was never seen again. The British automatically suspected Napoleon Bonaparte but the French denied all knowledge of his disappearance.

On the 23rd of September 1880, Judge August Peck set out on his travels from Gallatin, Tennessee to a friends farm. As he arrived his immediate family and brother-in-law watched him cross a field and then disappear in front of their eyes. Onlookers rushed to the spot where he had vanished thinking he may have fallen down a hole but there was nothing there - he was never seen again.

Disappearing Soilders

On the 28th of August 1915 the 1st/4th Norfolk Regiment was ordered to attack Turkish positions on the infamous 'Hill 60'. The regiment, some 1,000 men strong advanced up the slopes and disappeared into the clouds. When the clouds eventually cleared there was no trace of the regiment and nothing was ever heard from them again. It was assumed that all of the men were either killed or taken prisoner by Turkish forces but the Turkish authorities denied that their troops had ever made contact with them.

The Philadelphia Experiment

These early reports of disappearances lead us up to the more modern examples. According to the writers Charles Berlitz and William Moore the US Navy carried out the 'Philadelphia Experiment'. This involved turning a destroyer ( USS Eldridge ) invisible. The experiment caused the ship to turn almost see-through to onlookers but the actual crew of the ship could still see one another as if nothing was happening. The effects of this experiment were said to have been deadly with nearly all of the involved crew dying and those who survived left with severe psychological damage. The US Navy has consistently denied that the experiment took place.

The Bermuda Triangle is in the North Atlantic and is a hot-spot for disappearing ships and planes. These reports from the triangle have always been taken with a pinch of salt and put down to natural causes like tropical storms or defective engines - after all the sea is naturally a dangerous place.


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There are many possible explanations to these disappearances, which we may never know.

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