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You have hundreds of personal or family photos stashed in your computer or photo albums. Don't hide them; display them for everyone to see. Instead of buying a calendar every year, why don't you make your own instead and make use of your fantastic photos. Here's a way to unleash your creativity and make a simple calendar using materials in your own home.

Choose a calendar template

There are internet sites that offer free templates for a calendar. For this article we will use the templates from the wincalendar site. You can choose your own settings: portrait or landscape, Monday or Sunday as first day of the week, etc. Make a theme for each month and choose from among your best photos that fits that theme. The theme may be a significant feast/holiday, a family event or special hobby.

How to personalize the template

1. Download the template of the month that you are going to work on. Complete one month at a time to avoid confusion.

2. Click on your download and it will open in Word document. You can then work on it by using the different functions of Word (function bars atop and bottom of screen). Use Delete to erase unnecessary text. Click on the heading (ex. December 2013) and then delete it. Then click on the icon (Insert Word Art) below the image. Click on your choice and you will see a pop up (Type your text here), type December 2013 and then click on ok. You will then have a better heading.

3. Click on icon (Insert Picture) and then choose the photo you want to include as background for your calendar. In our example, the photo is that of an angel.

4. The photo will appear above the calendar. Click on the photo and the function Picture will pop up - click on the icon of a dog (Wrap up image) and choose : Behind the text. The photo will then appear behind the text of the calendar.

Highlight birthdays/anniversaries with appropriate portraits

Highlight important dates (such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc) with an appropriate picture or image with caption. Be sure your images are in jpeg/jpg file. To convert your image to "jpg" file: after you download a picture and modify it (size,etc), put a caption on the picture before saving it. Click on File function, then choose Save as, then choose the folder where to save your file, then name your file; click jpg/jpeg and then click on save. Be sure your pic is small enough to fit the box. For wedding anniv. you can use an image of rings or bells with a caption of the names of the celebrants. To insert the pic/image, click on the box where the picture will be inserted; click on the icon (Insert), choose and click on Picture, then click on From File. Adjust the picture size with the use of your mouse (arrows will appear around the picture). You may also type on the Empty Box Notes any extra important event/information concerning the month.

Saving and printing the final calendar month

1. When you are done with personalizing the month calendar, click on the function Edit, then choose in the roll-down Select All, then click on Copy.

2. Open the computer program Paint. Click on Edit, choose Paste. The calendar you have copied appears. Choose the function on the side bar: Select (image of a square), pressing your left mouse button, guide the square to cover the entire area of the calendar. Next, click on Edit, click on Cut. The covered image disappears.

3. Click on the function New. A message will appear - do you want to save the changes, click on no. The first file will close. You can then click on Edit, then Paste. Your Cut file will appear.

4. Check first how your calendar will appear when printed. Click on File, Click on Print Preview (if the image does not fit the paper, click on printer settings and make the necessary changes such as landscape form, vertical/horizontal centered, A4 paper).

5. Once your calendar is completed, click on File, Click on Save As, then you can choose the folder where you can save your file, name your file and choose jpeg/jpg file form.

6. Do the same steps for the other months of the year.

7. Make a collage of your photos to be used as cover of your calendar. You can do this by using the program Power Point, Photoscape or other photo program you can find in the internet.

8. You can now start printing your calendar - each month and the cover. Choose a special A4 size photo paper for each print.

Binding and hanging the calendar

1. After printing, you are ready to bind all into one calendar. You need: three fasteners
and the hardcardboard back of an old calendar (preferably a long rectangular). Draw a line across the middle of the board to form two parts - upper and lower. Punch four holes on the top of the printed materials. Punch also four holes on the top of the two parts of the cardboard. Insert one fastener on the middle of the top part and the other two fasteners on the lower part. Fasten the calendar cover on the upper part. Bind the months on the lower part of the cardboard with the fasteners.

2. Nail a hook somewhere you want to hang your calendar. Hang the finished calendar. You can remove each page after the end of the month and hang the used month behind the cover at the upper part of the cardboard.

3. During the course of the year, you can prepare another calendar for the next year using the steps above. After the end of the year, you can remove the used months and replace them with the new ones.


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29th Jun 2013 (#)

most interesting this with some very good tips...thank you...

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author avatar Johnny Knox
29th Jun 2013 (#)

Nice guide and useful tips! Thanks.

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author avatar Roslynn7
30th Jun 2013 (#)

Another tip - you can make this calendar as a group project. Such as the above featured calendar, this was participated by 12 families - so each family was assigned a month. The photo shows the month March featuring the family portrait of the assigned members complete with their beautifully designed theme of the month - the Lenten season.

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author avatar Penny W-T
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Thank you for a very useful feature. My son is just contemplating such a project so this will be useful to consider.

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author avatar Ptrikha
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

A great "How To"

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