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Organizing an art gallery is twice as difficult as using a canvas for drawing because there’re several aspects that must be looked upon. If you oblige to the information provided above, you can have the best art show ever.

How to Start With the Display?

The most rewarding moment in the entire career of an artist is when all of his hard work gets a recognition beyond regional boundaries via an online art gallery. An artist spends long hours, isolating himself in a room to create a unique and amazing piece of painting unlike anyone. This beautiful and magnificent display of color combination when advertised in a proper way leads to ultimate success. The primary reason to organize art prints gallery is to sell the paintings for profit. To create awareness, you need to do innovative and effective advertising.

The long awaited day to organize an online art gallery finally arrive. Given below are a few steps to help you display your work in a correct way.
- Have the 2D paintings ready for the show by encasing them in a frame.
- Find a suitable hanger and mount it to the back of the frame for wall hanging.
- Take HD pictures of your best artwork and save it over a disk as a digital portfolio.
- Create small tags outlining name, date created and price demand. Attach them to the rear of the casing.
- Try your best to find the best spot in the gallery where you can properly display and promote your paintings. Although, charges will be a bit high, it provides more exposure to viewers.
- Don’t rush up when framing and matting or it can ruin the quality of all your hard work.

What Techniques Must be Adapted for Successful Marketing?

Marketing is all about using the four P’s namely product, price, place and promotion for doing it the right way. The same technique is applied when advertising your artwork in order to be successful. Here’s what you need to do;

For Online: Using internet as an advertising medium is a smart way to market your artwork. There’re several methods to choose like email, web banners, social media or your personal blog page. You can also develop a fresh website especially for the event of art gallery. Another way is by means of uploading audio/video clippings over a specific site, explaining in detail about your paintings and how to buy them.

Auction sites like ebay and others are another way to sell smartly, but you might not generate a lot of profit. Mostly, users browse such sites for buying stuff at a lower price. Still, it’s an option you can go for.

Where to Put up Posters?

Putting up posters is a traditional way for marketing, but you need to choose a right place where they can get a proper exposure. Public places like bus stops, malls, educational institutions are preferred. You can also print out some flyers and have them distributed.

How About Marketing via Newspaper & Television?

TV and newspaper are also considered as an ultimate source for advertising, but doing so costs sufficient amount. You can market via radio as it can relay your message to the listeners properly while staying within budget.


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To get attention for the work is the tough part; professional help can also help - siva

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Good advice!

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