Do Dreams Hold any Meaning?

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Dreaming is the best way of relaxation as we all get relaxed pretty well here. By dreaming we tend to get motivated,we do get more hopes in life. In dreams, we do get placed in a far better position than we are now. Dreaming is beautiful for all of us

Gods Way of Telling Us

Dreams do come even in the day time, but we will be in conscious state in day time as our mind will also be occupied with other things. But when we are sleeping, we will be in sound sleep and our mind will be in semi conscious state and dreams at these times will be totally different. The dreams in day time when we are in conscious state can be controlled well, but not the same case when we dream in the night time. The positive things in our dream is like gods way of telling us or guiding us. If we can dream, we can also do it. So we all have to follow our dreams to make it happen to get success in life. To make the dreams happen in reality, we do have to work hard by believing in us and our ability. Nothing is impossible in this world, if we apply ourselves to our full potential as it is individuals ability which counts at the end and nothing else. Each person has their own way of dealing with things in life where success and failure are just a part of it

Trusting Yourselves

There are many people in this world who do not follow the dreams they get while sleeping as they think it is just a fantasy. Why don't people take these things seriously as nothing in this world exists without a reason and so even dreams come to us with purpose. We can take it in different way. Don't you all think that it is God's way of telling us that things we dream can be achieved ! Believe in your dreams and your efforts to realize those dreams will take you to success for sure. It is only when you don't try anything, things will fail or it is when you show laziness in applying yourselves, things might fail. So, it is all left to you on how you are going to perform to reach your target or to reach your goal. Look around and see the successful people who have gone to the top position by only following their dreams without worrying much on other things in life.

Dream Big

Don't hesitate to have high dreams and never worry about the competition you will be facing in your path. One thing you have to remember here-"When you aim at the sky, you will at least hit the top of the tree" So your aim in life should always be high so that your confidence also will be high. When you have high aim and high confidence, nothing can come in between. Some people like to read out quotes of great people to get motivated while facing tough challenges in life and even by reading beautiful quotes, one can get easily motivated in life for sure. Motivation is one thing and working hard to implement is another thing. So never worry about the problems you might face in realizing your dreams as these situations are just part and parcel of life and you don't have to note these things when you are focusing on your target and working hard towards it. Move forward with hope and God will always be there to guide you.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
29th Aug 2015 (#)

Indeed dreams do have meanings, but all the dreams are not that meaningful per se...

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author avatar sarosh
22nd Sep 2015 (#)

Yes one should follow their dreams

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