Do Guardian Angels Exist?

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The existence of guardian angels is a good question to be pondered while looking at some examples and facts. A valuable lesson may be learned here.

Do Guardian Angels Exist?

Sometimes we humans question why some things happen as they do and the existence of phenomenon such as guardian angels. Not only do we have our own thoughts and opinions about such existences, but other folks might put ideas in our head that we just have to think about seriously. My visit to a rather strange reverend gave me some things to think about.

My Fortune Teller Visit

Fortune tellers appear in our landscape with neon signs flashing or perhaps in a quiet corner marked by a small nameplate. My experience with a fortune teller was a referral by a friend to this guy named Reverend Roger. His location was in an old house without the flashing stuff.

I went to this place and after stepping on the front porch met a guy eating a piece of watermelon. He said his name was indeed Reverend Roger and he was fasting and would be with me in a few minutes. I thought fasting meant no eating, but I guess watermelon does not count. He told me to enter the house and go to the room on the right.

The Fortune Teller and The Guardian Angel

When Reverend Roger entered the room inside he said I looked troubled. I guess these people have a way of reading your emotions. He told me that it was fortunate that a guardian angel was looking over me. I wondered what a guardian angel was and whether they really existed.

After discussing a few things I could tell he was observing my facial expressions. In addition, a night of drinking before probably gave him a clue that I partied too much. He said I had a guardian angel riding with me in my car but if I did not quit drinking this guardian angel would be leaving soon!

Is The Guardian Angel Still Here?

Fortune tellers are like lip readers except they look at your smiles or frowns to see emotions. If you take them too seriously or become addicted to them that is not good. However, having your emotions read and listening to things you know is right can be a positive thing.
I did some research on guardian angels and found some interesting facts. If you search the internet there are many things you can find that might open your mind to the concept of guardian angels. A search of bible verses gives a different perspective, as I found 48 verses to read that reference the subject.

After my visit with Reverend Roger I decided to not drive while under the influence. Sometimes I look over in the passenger seat and wonder if a guardian angel is still there. Perhaps the important lesson to be learned here is that I changed a behavior because a positive thought was planted in my head for this change. A valuable lesson learned is more important than proving the existence of guardian angels.


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It is nice to know about guardian angels.

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