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After years of using over-the-counter antiperspirant and deodorant, my underarms were in a very bad condition. Now I make my own natural antiperspirant deodorant and my underarm skin is improving continuously.

Don't experiment on your kid's underarms!

I had my first menstrual period when I was in third grade. I was just 9 years old and was still playing jackstone, Chinese garter and pick-up sticks. So as my hormones raged and my sweat showed this change, so did I increase my outdoor activities in the hopes of catching up with my fading childhood.

As a consequence, I got terribly smelly, but not in the way that kids smell, a mixture of sun-baked sweat and mud. I smelled like an adult with very bad body odor.

As I lived with my father and grandmother, Granny didn't quite know what to do with me, much less my Dad. Granny didn't take care of her kids, her siblings did, so she was clueless as to how to handle my situation.

At first she bought me a deodorant cream, it was terribly sticky and I couldn't imagine how it could have blocked odor while making me sweat more than ever. Sure enough, that product did not last long in the market.

Then she decided on a simpler version, but simpler doesn't always mean better, especially if household Chemistry is not one of your forte.

She mixed half a teaspoon of alum powder with isopropyl alcohol. Then she let me rub this on my underarms. It did cure the body odor and did all it can to stop an active child's pits from perspiring to shameful levels, but it paved the way for a very dark future for my underarms.

The aftermath of bad habits: a lifetime of dealing with dark underarms.

After elementary, I moved to my Mom's. She told me not to use alcohol on my underarms but to continue using the alum powder.

I guess it hid the smell but not the perspiration. I ended up taking baths thrice a day just to feel comfortable.

After four years with my Mom, I moved back to Manila for college and that was when I got to decide which beauty products to use. This was also when the dark skin on my underarms became very apparent.

I tried a host of different products for my underarms hoping to find a match. There are a lot of whitening deos here in the Philippines, from Dove and Rexona, to Nivea and Secret. Even the local brands that contains papaya, licorice and lemon extracts did not work on me.

I loved the beach but I can't wear swimsuits and be all that confident. I knew too well that if I let my arms up in sudden glee and excitement, the world would see my dark underarms. Yuck.

Not that I didn't try peeling creams and spa treatments. I did. Some worked for a while but since I continued to use store-bought deo, my underarms went back to it's dark color.

When your underarms look more like undergrowth, you panic.

Now there came a time when my underarm skin resembled that of the bark of a tree, dark, wrinkled, thick and tough.

It was irritated beyond belief. It itched badly and the skin was terribly thick.

I did not go to a dermatologist. I was afraid they'd just usher me to undergo one of their underarm whitening treatments which was basically more chemicals applied to my already over-treated skin.

I searched the web instead and found that many shared the same experiences I had. The more I researched the more I realized that my underarms were suffering from too much chemical build-up.

The deodorant masked body odor with perfume and other chemicals that blocked my pores.

The antiperspirant prevented the sweat to naturally clean out my underarm pores.

So the logical solution is to detoxify my underarms and help it heal naturally.

Recipe for all-natural and cheap antiperspirant deodorant.


10 parts cornstarch
1 part baking soda


Measure ten parts cornstarch and 1 part baking soda. For convenience, put both in a used and emptied baby powder bottle, shake and use on your underarms after every bath time or whenever you feel your underarms are sweating or emitting foul smells.

How it works:

Cornstarch absorbs excess dampness in your underarms, but it does not clog your pores. It stays on the surface and will wash off when you take a bath.
Baking soda, NOT baking powder, neutralizes even the strongest of odors. In fact you can sprinkle baking soda on your pet's poop and the smell will neutralize. That's how reliable it is.


Do not use more than the recommended measure of baking soda. Pure baking soda can burn your skin and cause a quick and painful peel.
Don't reapply to sweaty underarms as it will smell like urine. Dry your armpits, if possible wash with soap and water, and then reapply the cornstarch-baking soda mixture.


From a very depressing state of my underarms, it has now improved greatly.

For one, I don't smell, I don't sweat for at least 8 hours after application.

Another happy effect is that my underarms have detoxified.

It released all the crazy chemicals I put in years ago. During the first months of detoxification, there were pimples that, when popped, smelled like deodorant.

Then, the extremely dark skin started to peel off naturally. This happened fast, my underarm skin peeled itself once every week. Since it had become too thick, I guess there was really too much dead skin build-up that contributed to a great bed for bacteria to breed.

Now my underarms peel itself twice a month and in between peeling I notice that the skin is no longer that of the bark of a tree. It has started to become smooth.

Though not all of the dark skin have peeled, I am happy because I am no longer piling up chemicals on my underarms and I am now on my way to happy healing.

Believe me, it is very emotional. You feel less of a woman knowing that you have hideous underarms.

Soon I will try making my own recipes for an all-natural shampoo and soap, although local stores already have organic versions, we could all use a more affordable version where we could read all the ingredients in it.

Try my recipe for an all-natural underarm detox. Let me know if you need help on it or if you have more questions.

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author avatar Jules Castillo
5th Jan 2012 (#)

great! appreciate the hardwork and discovery!

Go Pinoy Wikinutters!

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author avatar Mavicity
6th Jan 2012 (#)

Hi Cowboy! Super hard earned lesson, I hope every parent learns a lot with this too ;)

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author avatar avery sandiego
6th Jan 2012 (#)

Does this really work? I would recommend it to my cousin..

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author avatar Mavicity
6th Jan 2012 (#)

hi averygirl, yes, it works for me, I use this for my underarms.

I run at night, so I just reapply before running and there seems to be no problem with smells.

Just note that during the first two months of use, your underarm will detoxify itself from your years of store-bought deo use. Expect some changes in your underarm as it expels the chemicals.

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author avatar XX=MAD_MAX=XX
6th Jan 2012 (#)

nice work mavicity. ^_^ i will follow your orders, master. heheheh

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author avatar Mavicity
6th Jan 2012 (#)

hahaha, I don't know if this will work for men, you sweat more than women :) But it will work in neutralizing body odor. You can even put it in your running shoes.

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author avatar Denise O
6th Jan 2012 (#)

really good information on how to and how to not address a sweating problem in with your child. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mavicity
6th Jan 2012 (#)

Hi Denise, thanks!

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author avatar Bianca
23rd May 2012 (#)

this is to Mavicity. I'm trying the natural deodorant now. After 2 days of using it is getting dark. What can i do in the mean time? What about shaving time? I heard its irritates the skin when applying the natural deodorant after shaving.

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