Do You Believe in Ghosts?

John Patrick de Lacy By John Patrick de Lacy, 18th Oct 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Are you not a Ghost believer? Well this might make you believe.

They Also Live In This World

It’s not true that Humans and animals are the only living things that were living in this Planet because there are things that some of us cannot see and they are also living here in this planet with us. They are also using the things that we are using such as; gas stove, sofa, television, radio and etc.
You’ll believe if you already witnessed something moving on its own without anyone moving it and you can’t even explain how this thing is happening because there may be no strong blow of wind of the moving thing was just too heavy for the wind to be able to move it. These things are one of the reasons why you must believe in Ghosts or what they called “Spirits”.

Three Kinds of Purposes

Do you know that there are three kinds of Ghosts’ purposes? Yeah, they never left this planet because they have their own reason for not leaving and for not going to where they belong.

They Do not Know

Some of the Ghost or so called “Spirit” does not know that they are already dead so they keep on living just like when they are still alive but there is one thing that I’m not sure about this one. Can’t they realize that no one’s noticing them because they are already a Ghost or are they are working hard for it?

Seeking For Justice

There are Ghosts seeking for justice because they might have been killed by someone who’s still lurking around and still not being captured. The ghost might have experience something so bad at the hands of some criminal/s so that they are seeking for justice and they need someone to help them to get the justice that they are seeking.

Vengeful Ghosts

There are also Ghosts who loves hurting living humans and the reason is unknown. They have their different reasons of why they are doing those things. Those reasons might be because they do not want humans to live the house that they are living, some of them might have been disturbed by humans or because of some other reason.

Proofs that there are Ghosts

There are lots of people who have the special ability to see those so called “Ghosts or Spirits” and some people say that they are just hallucinating or they are just have a crazy mind. So those thousands or hundreds of thousand people who have the special ability to see Ghosts are all hallucinating and have a crazy mind? Why are there lots of Schools for Paranormal? How can you explain those crying sound that you hear whenever you’re alone? How can you explain the things that were moving on its own? How can you explain those Exorcisms?


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Oct 2014 (#)

John, thanks for sharing this article. I have seen ghosts.

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