Do You Have a Past Life?

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Do you have past life? Would you like to know if you do?

Do You Have a Past Life?

There are a few religions that believe that a person can live more then one life. Do you believe in past lives? If you do maybe you would like know if you lived one. It's often said that to really know who you are, that you need to know you past; the past may be just that the past but it is part of you and part of it does stay with you.

If you have memories that you know aren't from this present life then you may have a past life, or if you have walked by someone or talked to someone you've just met and have had a feeling like you've seen and known them before even though you haven't; then you may have known in another life.

Here's a few questions that you might want to ask yourself:

1. Do I prefer to revel in the light or linger in the dark? This question refers whether you were one who enjoyed life and helping other an good person; or whether you were on the dark side of life not really selfish but more of a loner, like using things like magic and energy and what not.
2. Do I prefer to be nomadic or stationary? This question refers whether you were like a "drifter" going from place to place having no home or if you settled in village, or city to take am occupation and family in that area.
3. What things to I enjoy the most in life, what fascinates me the most in life and things do I hate the most in life? This question is part discovering what temperament and occupation that you would of had.
4. What element am I drawn to the most? This question refers to the personality that you would back then as well as in this life; keep in mind that the element that you really are drawn to really doesn't have anything to with your zodiac sign.
5. If were to go into a serious fight with someone what would my weapon of choose? (hands and feet, bow and arrow, cross bow, knife/dagger, swords or guns) This question also had a baring on what occupation that would of had as well as what you would and how you would defend yourself.
6.When in a fight with someone would I rather be up close and personal with the person and handle things from afar? This question goes along with the one above.

After answer these questions for yourself take some time to reflect on them and within a few days you will the answer to who and what you were in a past life and will have a better understanding of yourself.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
1st Dec 2010 (#)

I suspect I have many past lives.
Please always read the notes I send with the publication note. I often offer tips and ideas.

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author avatar Denise O
11th Dec 2010 (#)

I don't know if I do or not but, I will ponder over these questions for a few days.
Who knows, I just might.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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