Do store brands have quality like the brand names?

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When you buy the more expensive, you aren't ONLY getting the best. Most of the times the generic store brands are the same quality of the brand names. Most of the time the only difference is the brand is the brand name has prestige some people want.. But in this economy why to spend if you aren't that rich

Buying expensive product plus expensive extras

For some people or home theater system and when some people are buying these systems or a computer . The person is spending so much money and some stores or the salesperson may make the rule for themselves to sell the most expensive of everything . The person who is selling the person the product might tell the person that they need extras but try to sell the most expensivce saying that the person needs or they sell the person the product the person lmost mortgaged the house to buy will not work, So the person might think they are buying an expensive product so why not buy the expensive extras.

What price should I pay for media cables for my new media system

The website says that when a person who buys a set of media cables if they lose control of all their spending. .That means you might buy media cables that have connectors that are gold plated for $100 or more. The Gizmo website cable isn't able to do more than those more reasonable cables will do. A lot of sales people will forget to tell the person that. They might do this because they want to sell the most expensive brand. Especially if they get a commission for each product they sell.

Media cables that are less expensive are the same as most expensive

The media cables only have one job that is for electrons to be conducted and the cheap ones do that just as well as the $100 or more do.

A better the idea is to buy the cheaper ones that will still do the jobs then save the money for other things such as something they need or keep the money sand put it in savings.

Buying cheap or generic batteries which one?

For batteries when you buy the most expensive batteries that Consumer Reports have reported in-depth studies that the extra price of the brand products it still doesn't make them-them not worth the cost.

But you never buy the cheapest are not likely to last long. But that doesn;t mean it's worth it to buy the most expensive. There is a lot of advertising and marketing tries to convince the person that you will get inferior batteries if you don't buy the most expensive.But the difference between the most expensive in price and the cheapest is way too high. But the advice is to buy a medium priced battery that most people have heard of the name.
The website says that a generic brand, Thunderbolt Magnum Compared to Duracell Coppertop the generic brand is 57 percent cheaper.

Beauty health products do we buy cheap or expensive?

Another thing is that there are a lot of ways that are always telling us things make us feel like we aren't the most attractive and perhaps unhealthy if we don't buy the most expensive brand of beauty and healthy products. Some of these products that advise us that we need the most expensive contact lens solution, for example.

Those commercials make us feel we have to have the most expensive beauty and health products But the is that of almost all the goods that are dealing with beauty and health are the same. The truth is that those cheaper items produced there is no different than very expensive products and the cheaper.products

Beauty website

The website makes a note that Allure medicine that most makeup artists use the drug store brand Maybelline that is a drug store line and most makeup artists use it on their famous celebrities.

Ron Robinson and a man who started the site of . The site says that companies that there are cheaper just as good brands compared to expensive makeup. The cheap makeup is the same as the ones that are sold in high-end retail store.s. The more expensive ones that will cost you a fortune. You can buy with the same ingredients if that is the same as expensive if the cheaper company wishes. The only reason that ew buy this is most expensive because of the advertisements. These expensive items promote rich and wonderful lifestyles of mansionst that have inside and outside pools and everything else glamorous.

Wal Marts Equate

Some people just purchase the most expensive brands thinking because hey are getting a better brand that it makes it look like they are rich. Even if they don't have that much money they feel rich because they look at magazines and see the advertisement for people that use it are living in extreme luxury

The Wal-Mart Equate site is known for its quality and is quite a good brand

You can equate products at


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
1st Dec 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. I always wondered about buying store brand products. I usually do because they are cheaper but I wasn't sure if they were of the same quality.

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author avatar Jennifer Dombrowski
1st Dec 2015 (#)

HI Nancy! A god idea is try all the dollar stores in your area. I get a lot of brannd name products that are A LOT CHEAPER And the dollar store brand items themselves work pretty well that I buy if they don't have a name brand and they work wonderfully annd are very cheap! Thanks for reading and commenting! But i would like to suggest what we do we use the best batteries that we can buy on the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide proterctors, It is worth it to save a life! For my radio which is battery powdered i use medium priced!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
1st Dec 2015 (#)

Thank you so much for all the tips. I have used cleaning products from the dollar store and do seem to be very good. All batteries are so expensive. Thank you again.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Dec 2015 (#)

Store brands are pretty good, as my dad told me thats the same as the name brand sans teh gliiter of teh commercials. As the house name in Costco Kirkland, Great Value in Walmart work very well and excellent quality. Nice post!

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