Documents on UFO sightings. Britain’s X Files ( and yes the true is in these pages)

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In late 1999 an interesting article about UFOs sightings appeared in the “ Daily Mail” signed by Nick Pope, who, with a very engaging idea, entitled his article in such a way: “Britain’s X Files ( and yes the true is in these pages)”.

Documents on UFO sightings. Britain’s X Files ( and yes the true is in these pages)

I have read carefully the article by Nick Pope , and I found some important information worthy of mention. Meantime, Nick Pope worked for more than three years for the English Ministry of Defense as a responsible “for investigating extraterrestrial visitations”. He worked in Secretariat (Air Staff) at the MOD, and, according to him, still at that moment several “sightings that couldn’t be explained in conventional terms” occurred.

One of the most important UFO sightings in Great Britain occurred around 1980 In Rendlesham Forest, when two patrolmen saw bright lights in the sky and among the trees. At the beginning they thought “an aircraft had overshot”, but … the event was a far cry from being a true explanation. In reality they discovered among the trees “ a large metallic, triangular object”. Because of two nights later a new sighting occurred, the USAF Commander Charles Halt said that a systematic survey of the zone was need, stating that the UFOs seemed “metallic in appearance and triangular in shape”.
The MOD investigators reported that in their opinion s “the lights appeared ‘to explode’ in fragments of white light”.

But the best part’s yet to come,

because the same USAF Commander Charles Halt saw “three objects like stars” in the sky which were visible for almost three hours. According to Nick Pope, other mysterious objects were observed in the sky in 1956, when two RAF jets “were scrambled to intercept the mystery craft”. As a result, the unidentified flying objects eluded the pilots because of they were “too quick and agile”. Other sightings occurred in 1993 and 1995. In 1993 two soldier described UFO as “ a vast triangular craft”. Finally, although the U.S. government’s denial, US army Colonel Philip Corso said that he was in possession of material and objective evidence about “the so-called Roswell incident from 1947” which was really due to “the crash of a UFO”. But Colonel Corso died “shortly after” of a heart attack, and he “took the secrets to his grave”.

After completing his military service, Nick Pope changed his own opinion about UFO. He started “as a sceptic” but then he must recognize that this experience “changed life forever”.

How about that? Nick Pope seems to us sincere and a man of considerable experience… But with all respect to Nick Pope, this problem lacks scientific knowledge.

We’ll see!

Meantime, if you want, you can read this article in the “Daily Mail”, Monday, November 15, 1999, p. 13.


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