Does Age Make a Difference in Learning Music?

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Research and practical experience show that playing the piano is possible at any age. Learn some interesting facts about musical training in this article.

Does Age Make a Difference in Learning Music?

When I was 10 years old I performed at a piano recital with perfection and now I cannot play a note and have been offered lifetime lessons for free. At age 62 I have been married to a piano teacher for some time and wonder if I should pursue this talent again. I have done some research and the results and practical knowledge given here may surprise you.

Talents Can Be Molded

Research shows the ideal age group to start learning piano is between the ages of 3 to 12. My parents must have known that and wanted me to develop my full potential. I was given piano and violin lessons starting at around the age of 8 years old. My mother had a seminary degree with music as a major. She helped me practice but hired a teacher to give me formal training.

The same research that shows the ideal age group for learning music reveals those talents can be molded during that age. My parents must have known that also yet I believe there was an alternative plan. My father was a minister and my theory was that my talent was being molded to be a free pianist for the church in the future.

Music Is Good For You

I did not like playing piano and violin during childhood. Not only did I fear that my parents were training a musician to play free in church, but as an active boy it seemed sports were a better thing to do. However, I see the advantages of musical training.

More research tells me that learning to play an instrument affects attention and memory. SAT scores are usually better for piano learners. Even though I have forgotten how to play the piano my brain and self esteem are better off. Pictures of recitals in the family album and family pride are a good thing.

Piano Lessons at Older Age

After skipping piano lessons for 52 years my wife gave me a complimentary lesson. I watch her students advance to high levels of competency and wonder if I am too old to learn again. More research tells me that musical study helps keep the aging brain healthy and you can learn at any age.

Sometimes I walk into my closet and forget why I went in there. Perhaps I need to try this piano thing again. My body is too old for sports and now I actually like music that does not go boom in my ears. It makes sense to let my fingers do the walking and exercise my brain.

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author avatar Johnny
24th Jun 2014 (#)

I had to read this. Just turned 53 and want to get a piano to try again. I think I can I think I can I think I can.

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author avatar snerfu
25th Jun 2014 (#)

Ha ha fantastic article. I love listening to the piano, and I too had some elementary lessons when I was a kid (that is some 40 years back). However, I have given up hope but I too sometimes forget why I went over to the cupboard. Nice article sir.

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author avatar WOGIAM
25th Jun 2014 (#)

Reading your article was like a deja vu moment for me, I started piano lessons at 40 last year, and though it was a struggle at the beginning, I am starting to get a grasp of what it just may be all about, it is never to late to learn anything or do something new, you go for it and enjoy every moment.

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author avatar Derrick luis
25th Jun 2014 (#)

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author avatar Susan Heney
21st Sep 2014 (#)

I also had lessons as a young child. So I really enjoyed your article. Piano was taught by the nuns at school.. We were expected to sing in the choir and take music lessons. As an adult, I returned to piano; it took some practice to perform at former level. No regrets here! It is w/a keyboard, though, for portability.

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